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Fist of Fury
6 minutes ago, Chez said:

Sorry to hear this buddy. Maybe some time away will recharge the batteries and remotivate you. What was your goal with grippers? We’re you trying to cert the #3 or go after the MM ladder? 

Thanks, never really had any goals when I started but I wanted to climb the MM-ladder. When I was at my strongest about one year ago it felt like I would get MM1 and also MM2 easily then hell started with bad sleep, It's not possible in the state I'm in now. Hands feel fine but CNS is never 100%, very hard to progress when you don't get any consistency. I also lose strength and technique very quickly (this goes for everything not just grippers), so I can't rest for too long between sessions.

I don't think this will be the last time I touch a gripper, I'm keeping some grippers for the future if I find motivation again as I said. Right now I think I'm going to try sign up at a weightlifting club to learn how to do proper cleans and front squats. Which I really want to learn. Time for me to do something else.

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Fist of Fury

After a bit of a mental breakdown I feel more motivated again. Not for grippers really but for thick bar and pinch at least. 

I will update weekly here and not with much details since I'm only going to train by feel each session and not plan anything ahead.

This past week results:

DO Axle DL: 140 kg (barely).

Rolling Thunder: 84 kg.

Rolling Thunder Thumbless: 73 kg.

Square Rolling Handle DL: 55 kg (not max).

Wrist Wrench: 39.5 kg.

Blockbuster Pinch: 33 kg.

RB 50 mm Pinch Block: 31 kg.

Silver Bullet: COC#3.5 175 lbs - 16 seconds with each hand.

Gripper Close: 146 lbs.

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Fist of Fury

Last week or so I have trained a bit less because I got severe pain in my right ring finger. I will try to train every other day from now. It already feels a little bit better. I also got some nasty skin tears from Silver Bullet holds.

What I have done since last update:

DOH Axle DL: 130 kg.
Gripper Close: 149 lbs (immediately after axle).
Rolling Thunder: 78.8 kg.
Inch Trainer: 62 kg and some timed holds with 58 kg (sets of 10 seconds).
Silver Bullet: COC#3.5 175 lbs 12 seconds. And also attempted RB330, was close to setting the bullet, so this will be a new goal.
Gripper Attempt: FBBC 158 lbs missed with a hair, probably my second strongest effort with grippers so far.
A bunch of different biceps exercises and plate curls.
Also did some circuit training, that was a long time ago, need to do more stuff like that. Did Vulcan grippers closes > Inch Trainer 58 kg to bench > Blockbuster timed hold > 2" neutral grip pull-ups.

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