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with all the talk about handle length, doglegs ect..

i thought there must be an easier way to determine how hard a gripper is to close...my idea- send your grippers to heath (AKA Da Crush Monster!) he will promptly close it and say " eh, this'n heer's aboout 450er so" or he'll say "this elite...not so good..only about 471" just be careful not to send him anything below 350 lest you want your handles dented!

but seriously, it seems the best way to test grippers and take everything into account would be to actually have someone close it and give you their impressions of it. ('course this is a little impracticle with the higher ip's and it is certainly much less precice than pda)

how's about it bearcat?

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We've actually been doing that.  It's the reason the last issue on handle length came into clearer view.  

Calibrated hands used as measuring devices! :)

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Bearcat 74

HAH :)  That's funny.  Wannagrip and I were talking about that the other day.  The only difference is, he was calibrated, I guess I could rough score them. :)  

As for my hands changing, I've been in somewhat of a rut as of late.  Hopefully with some minor adjustments I can get back up to speed.  

However, I will be more than happy to close everyone's grippers.  Just figure up the mileage from your house to mine, then figure at ũ.00 per mile, send cash plus ฤ.00 closure fee per gripper.  If you would like your gripper repped, no problem, ฤ for the first rep, ร.99 for each additional rep.  This will save you some big $!  

Sounds like a good deal to me.  

:cool: :cool: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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Gee..... I feel sorry for that guy located in outer Mongolia!!  :)

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