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55 minutes ago, Andrew Dube said:

I'll look over this in more detail tomorrow, but a few questions:

1. How much does this represent a typical day? I'm wondering if has station Carmel corn is a regular item Haha.

2. Are the up days training days? Are you intentionally cycling calories?

3. I seem to recall you are gluten free and this log would confirm that. Do you have any other food restrictions?

4. Related to question one, do you meal prep and/or make the same few dishes  over and over?

5. That's a lot of coffee, I hope you have a local roaster you like ;)

1. The down day would be an off, non-typical day. The up day would be the other 5 to 6 days a week. 

2. I adjust calories(carbs) by feel, the scale readout, and performance.

3. Gluten-free, Lactose-free, caffeine addicted and broke. 💰

4. I plan my meals ahead 80 percent of the time. Most is made in advance but nothing beats a hot fresh dinner.

5. Maxwell House is an intergal partner in my world domination. 🌎

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4 minute single arm thrusters with 35 freedom unit kB, switch every 5 reps.

4 solid minutes of work thanks to these guys.



Reddit Grip challenge attempt

Thickbar work


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Andrew Dube
On 1/28/2019 at 11:03 PM, JHenze646 said:

Food log

Down day


two cup coffee and bag of gas station Carmel popcorn 



Luna protein bar

3 oz. cashews, 2 bananas, 2 more cups of coffee



3 beef tacos with two avocados, some water and another cup of coffee



2lb. Chuck roast  steak, 2 zucchini’s with peppers and onions

Premium Bourbon 


*foot for scale


Up day


3 egg omelette with peppers and onions 

4 cups coffee with milk and sugar


2nd breakfast

4 oz steak and can of peaches in heavy syrup 


mid-morning snack

Survival sandwich- 4 oz chicken breast, half jalapeño, mayonnaise, on corn tortilla



chicken breast in mushroom gravy over rice (5 cups)

sweet iced tea 1 L


classroom dinner

8 oz hot sausage sandwich with 4 oz cheese and mustard



late night

 peanuts in the shell

Premium Bourbon



Right now I weigh in at 215. However that might be water weight from the hours spent driving. I also anticipate losing several lbs once the weather allows for conditioning again.


From looking it over, I can tell right away that I need an afternoon snack added in there.

And before anyone says anything about my caffeine consumption... don’t.


So the biggest things I notice are:

1. not enough carbs, breakfast lunch and dinner should all have a generous serving of rice, quinoa, oats, GF noodles or whatever alternative grain floats your boat

2. breakfast is too small, I'd recommend adding a bowl of oats (see 1)

To share my own experience with gaining weight; the most important thing I learned is that consistency is king. I used to think I ate a lot because I could put a lot of food away in a single sitting. But gaining weight requires consistently eating more food than you need to. This is often uncomfortable. The second thing is that simplicity = consistency. Shopping for, prepping, cleaning up after and eating unique meals each day is too complicated to adhere to. You definitely want to eat a wide variety of foods and you should make sure to treat yourself too, but by eating the same few things in the same quantities its very easy to make adjustments. Not gaining? Bump your breakfast eggs from 3 to 4, add another banana to your smoothie, up your dinner rice from 1 to 1.5 cups, etc. 

One more thought: make sure your bowls, plates, lunch tupperware, whatever you eat out of are large enough. I eat most of my dinners out of a serving bowl. 


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