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First Super Gripper

James Fuller

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Great advertisement here!

Notice at the bottom it says Marvosh MFG.

Dan Marvosh was the man that designed and invented the Super Gripper which has now become known as the Ivanko Super Gripper!

The one pictured in ad is the very first one in production (black in color originally). The 2nd generation was blue and had more curve at both ends and then the 3rd and 4th generations were blue and the 5th generation was green and still is currently.

I posted below a pic of 4 Super Grippers that a man sent me several months ago of the first 4 generation Super Grippers.

Thanks for posting this neat piece of gripper history!


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I need to locate that issue of S&H for that ad!

Thanks again for sharing this James!

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That is Awesome. Thanks to all you guys who find these grip needles in the haystack of the iron game! This very much contributes the heritage of our sport and would be lost forever if not for the efforts of people like Joe and others like James here.

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Does Ivanko still produce super gripper? On ebay they are selling made in China version of sg. Ivanko I have from late 90s (green)on its hard settings was the first gripper I could not close.

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They do still make the Super Gripper. Driven Fitness up here in Canada sells them, not sure where else you can get them.

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