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5/8 Inch Grippers-----6 Months In

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Have not posted in a while. Back in Dec. I bought an entire set of 5/8 inch grippers, with the intention of getting a better set and range of motion. They do accomplish that. I decided to train only with the narrow grippers for 6 months, testing with regular grippers monthly. I am not going to re- hash my surgeries, but before them I was able to close a GM and #3, there are videos in the old video archives, I am not certified. I was working on a BBE , before my set back.

Back to the training, I decided to train each hand differently (maybe not the smartest thing, but hey I'm 47 now, cut me some slack :grin:). Narrow grippers both hands high reps left , heavy negatives right (my dominant arm, the one with all the plates and screws) M-W-F, active rest on T-Th. sets of 50 in the left, with the narrow SA. Warm up with narrow SA 2-3 reps , just to get the clicks out for the right. Then the workout for the right consisted of narrow SM close, narrow GM close, skip to the narrow GE (this is painful , believe me), 3-5 reps forced close against thigh, narrow SE 3-5 reps forced closed against thigh, then narrow E for 5-7 forced reps against thigh. Set of 31 (I hate even numbers, yea, I :grin:have a problem) with narrow SA. I did not rest more than a min. between the sets, which I THOUGHT would help me in the long run. It did not. Should have rested 3-5 minutes, between the heavy sets.

What did I learn from this? Well , I got much better with finishing grippers off, and much worse at the start. In other words, I got better at closing narrow grippers. Not my intention, but at this point in my life (training), I don't really care. I can say without a doubt though, that for me, I actually like the narrow grippers more. I plan on taking a bit of a break from the negatives. And then starting in again. Don't know if this will help anyone or not, just thought I would post my results.

Mods, after re-reading my post, maybe this should be in the training forum? I apologize if it should, and please move if not appropriate in this forum. Mike

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