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Iron Grip Calibrated Steel Bars Bending Certs

Ivan Beritashvili

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I've sent an email to irongripworld@gmail.com regarding an order to the UK for bars you have in stock and cost. Was the email received? 

Regards Barry.

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Also interested in what's in stock, current cost per bar (are the 2014 prices in the first post still valid?) And shipping to USA. I'll email this weekend.

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Jared Goguen

It would seem that the Irongrip world website no longer works.

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I made an order about 2 weeks ago and had no problem.  I just emailed them.


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My buddy and I placed an order and should have them soon according to tracking. I'm pumped to cert on these bars. How's everyone liking them compared to other material on the market? 

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They are very high quality, and every bar of theirs I have bent has been consistent throughout the bend.  No easy kink/weak crush or vice versa on any of the bars I've tried, and I've bent round, square, and hex from IG.  

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@Ivan BeritashviliI see that the easiest bar is listed as 50kg.  Maybe @KRC can tell me what Drill Rod size that would be equivalent to.  Not sure if you ordered anything that easy, but I am interested in hearing if there is a Drill Rod (O-1, specifically) that correlates to the IG 50kg bar.  I was recently given a few bars of small Drill Rod O-1 (3/16", 13/64", and .227") and was curious if one of these was close to the IG bar I referenced.  The guy who gave them to me was asking for my help with a strength show involving a small amount of unbraced bending he plans on doing for his daughter's school later this year.  I told him the 3/16" bar was way too easy for something like that because he plans on handing the bar around to some of the older kids (junior high school age, I think).  I let him know that some kids would kink a 3/16"x7" DR (O-1) bar barehanded.  He hadn't expected to hear that, so I bent one of the bars he had cut barehanded to show him what I meant.  Kind of takes the "awe" out of the act, lol.  Anyway, I am very weak because I tried a 13/64x7" DR (O-1) and only kinked it to about 40 degrees before the pain shut my attempt down.  It was kind of fun to give some light barehand bending a shot again though.  Which got me thinking of SteelBenders.org (I still miss it) and the IG certs.  Then I browsed some YouTube barehand bending IG cert videos and was impressed with a bunch of the harder bars that were bent.  Before he left, he gave me a few cut bars and he went to the hardware store and bought 1/4" CRS to bend for the kids instead.  He's going to use a bandana - forgot to ask if he meant one on each end, but still pretty cool. 

@acromegaman might also be able to tell me what to expect barehanded from this stock.  I think you mentioned bending some barehand, but I didn't see a report on it later in the thread.  Might've missed it though.

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