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Sandow Plus Website

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I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the Sandow Plus website.

I noticed tonight that it is gone from the internet, and then after googeling around i learned that unfortunately, one of the people who made that great site possible is sadly now no longer with the living.

If you never visited that site, it had an amazing amount of PDF's available of long out of print strongman books. Everything was free there. Nothing was commercial.

Anyway, I do not belong to any other "strength" forums, so i thought i would start a thread here.

From my simple internet searching, I read that the Sandow Collection might eventually be found here:


but i am unsure of the reality of all that... nor the politics.

I emailed the webmaster from the original Sandow Plus site. We will see if i get a response or it the site's hosting is also gone from the internet...

It is sad to see such an amazing resource disappear, but the reality of free internet is that many people work thankless hours to make such endeavors possible and when they are gone, there is no one to fill in the gap.

I feel sad that this resource is gone, but i also feel sad that someone with such passion for strength has moved into the "the historic" himself.

rich cottrell

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