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Benders Battlefield Double Overhand Rankings

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I found the Top Ten lists for 7" and 6" Ironmind wraps (double overhand). I printed these out in September '13. (We were talking about locating some of these lists in one of the other recent threads.)

7" O-1 Drill Rod

1. JT Straussner, .339", 610-lbs.

2. EJ Livesey, "Q" 590-lbs.

3. Paul Knight, .339", 540-lbs.

4. David Wigren, "Q" 520-lbs.

5. Sean Cashman, 21/64", 515-lbs.

6. Mike Rinderle, 5/16", 505-lbs.

6. Carl Donati Jr., 5/16", 505-lbs.

6. Richard Bean, 5/16", 505-lbs.

7. Alexis Maroupas, .339", 500-lbs.

8. Chad Rickicki, 5/16", 490-lbs.

6" O-1 Drill Rod

1. EJ Livesey, 8mm, 640-lbs.

2. JT Straussner, "P", 635-lbs.

3. Tommy Jennings, "P", 620-lbs.

4. Paul Knight, 5/16", 615-lbs.

5. Carl Donati Jr, "N" .302", 565-lbs.

6. Chad Rickicki, "N" .302", 560-lbs.

6. Mike Rinderle, "N" .302", 560-lbs.

6. Mike Krahling, "N" .302, 560-lbs.

6. Richard Bean, "N" .302", 560-lbs.

10. Sean Cashman, 19/64", 535-lbs.

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EJ Livesey

I wish you had the BBW list. This is the IMP list.

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Sean Cashman

Thanks for posting Carl.

The crazy thing is those bends all had to be under a minute with no bands. Can you imagine bending 600lb DR in under a minute!! Crazy!!

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I wish you had the BBW list. This is the IMP list.

I might have the DU list somewhere for the BBW, but don't think I ever bothered much with the DO list.

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