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Clubs And Organizations In New Jersey

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At 66 years old I feel I want to get back into the sport. I have been training all my life, but, now need a real purpose and would like to find people with the same interest and goals. Problem is, in New Jersey there does't seem to be any organization or cohesiveness. Does anyone have any suggestions as where to start and any training facilities???

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I'm in NJ and occasionally get together with other guys on this board for a grip session here and there. PM me to chat.....as long as you're a member in good standing around here and otherwise not a serial killer :)

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Look up Jim Bryan. I believe team NJ practices at his house. Alternatively, you could look into training with team NY. Look up Mike Selearis, Gene Camp, and Dan Fortuna for NY.

There may also be some PA guys or CT guys you could hook up with. Ron Klemba and Tim Bresnan train in Portland, CT. If you live up north, you could probably make a day trip up there, but it would be a drive. I don't know who from PA would be from around there, most of the well known guys are from west PA. The Harris brothers Sam and Emanuel may be close enough to make a trip, but it would be a drive. Philly may have a crew.

If you're south, Delaware and MD both have pullers. I don't know who to look for in those states though. I know Milt Christmas is from MD, but I don't know if you can find his contact info online.

If you were in Austin, Dallas, or Houston, I could hook you up, but that's about as much as I can help you out for the northeastern US.

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