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Euro 2hp Program By Tentaclegrip


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As promised, let me share an abridged version of what I'm working with.

First workout: progressive maxes across widths.

Finding the right width quickly is key to moving weight in this lift.

Start the program by maxing out, beginning in the thinnest and ending in the thickest settings.

When an attempt is failed, start the next width from a manageable weight, or from the last successful weight used.

The point of this day is to figure out which two or three widths work best for you.

An important note is to make sure to start thin and go wider from there. This will warm you up properly and prevent early tears that would be most likely at wider widths.

In this 8 week program, your weeks will have two pinch days with different rep schemes.

On A, you will do 3 high rep sets in an "anyhow" style, meaning rechalking and regripping are fine. To keep in spirit of a set, I recommend doing your reps in less than a minute, but do not time this.

On B days, you will attempt strict reps with no regrips allowed.

On both days, push to do as many reps as possible on the last sets. Allow sufficient rest between the two days, usually 2 or 3 days between will suffice.


A-60% for 3 sets of 10

B-3 sets of 5


A-65% for 3 sets of 9

B-3 sets of 5


A-70% for 3 sets of 8

B-3 sets of 5


A-75% for 3 sets of 7

B-3 sets of 5


A-80% for 3 sets of 6

B-3 sets of 3


A-85% for 3 sets of 5

B-3 sets of 3


A-90% for 3 sets of 4

B-3 sets of 3


A-95% for 3 sets of 3

B-60% for max reps

Take a week off to heal, then max on the width you are strongest on.

Use knowledge of your own body. Keep detailed notes in your training book. If you don't have a training notebook GET ONE. If something isn't working for you, stop doing it and start doing something that does. This includes widths that you find out don't work too well for you.

Learn how to warm up for optimal performance.

Here's mine: 10s holds on increasing weights and two reps on the last warm up.

Try mine, and find your own formula.

I picked up bodyweight the first time I used a Euro. After some training, I'm now good for 50lbs over.

Let me know, if you decide to follow this model, what worked for you.

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Almost at 150+% bodyweight!

Been working really hard at this. Hit an all time PR tonight with 174.25lbs at 118.6lbs BW.

That's 147% of bodyweight.

Also, repeatedly got 177.5 of the ground.

Big things to come and would like to see others' results on this program.

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