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How Do You Program Your Grip Training?

Guest Squat More

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Guest Squat More

I believe NewGripster has said it added 10kg to his max, maybe 15, I know Stephen Ruby said it helped him a lot and forum member Massey completed it and is now working on pulling heavy singles again to see where he is for a new 1 rep max. A few others I think began it but never followed through to the end? I started it again then hurt my back and decided to work towards other goals.

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I train 4 days a week (yet another 531 guy) however at the moment I have AF so think it prudent not to SQ heavy or DL, so I concentrate on back on those days. for grip I use a home made 'Rolling Thunder' (Fatgripz around a cable pulley handle) on a Monday after O/H press & triceps. one or two warm ups then 4 sets same weight aiming to get 5 reps per set, last set more if poss.

last Monday also tried a max and got 70kg (excluding the pin & handle)with both hands after the 5's.

Tuesday (would be DL if healthy) no grip at the moment, Wed = rest, Thursday BP plus pinch, two warm ups then try 4 sets of 6, if I get more than 6 on last set I up the weight by 0.5kg. currently using 2x10kg plates with added 1.25kg on the pin, ~75mm (~3inch).

Last did 28kg, hoping to get to 2x15kg plates (with loading pin) soon. Friday (would be SQ) or Sat will play around with grippers.

Pinch and RT seem to be progressing Grippers not (may add BTR on sat or a little gripper work on Tues).

Aiming to eventually get 90kg on my RT type and 2x20kg plates on pinch (probably with pin).

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