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Poker Card Thickness


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So I had this great idea recently, but it requires me knowing how thick a poker card is. Unfortunately, my calipers are broken!

Could somebody with calipers please do me the favor of finding a few measurements?

If you would please:

1) measure the thickness of a whole deck of cards.

2) measure the thickness of an individual card from that stack.

3) tell me what brand of cards you're using and if they are a specific type.

4) tell me how many cards were in that stack (some are 56 cards, some 52)

That would be greatly appreciated.

Preferably you would be using a cheap 2-for-1 deck from a dollar store...



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52 cards in the deck.




Hope that helps!

- Mick

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Awesome thanks!

No worries man!

What you planning on doing with them anyway?

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Uh... The short explanation is im going to glue them together in stacks of different thicknesses to use them sort of like a silver bullet with gripper training. Also have considered using CDs for this.

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