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Finger Terminology

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truth1ness    16

I wanted to clear up some finger anatomy terminology as I have trouble describing what I'm doing when I ask questions about grip technique.

When you refer to knuckles on the finger by number, for example say the "first knuckle", is "first" referring to the smallest knuckle closest to your fingertip or the biggest one closest to your palm?

Second, 'thumb pad' refers to the big fleshy muscle at the base of the thumb in the palm area. But what would you call the fleshy 'pad' near the tip end of your thumb, between the last knuckle and the tip of the thumb? On fingers I usually call this the "finger pad", but that label refers to the base for the thumb.

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mightyjoe    384

Just google hand anatomy and you'll have access to hundreds of detailed answers

with pics, illustrations and even video tutorials! I LOVE tutorials BTW!!!

It would take a lengthy post here for someone to answer that question correctly without

causing you possible confusion. This is why I didn't attempt to answer your question.

If you don't like to read here's a link I found from doing a google search like I suggested

with a video tutorial that answers your questions. You just have to have a little over 11 minutes

spare time to watch and listen. ;)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyl6eoU-3Rg

Hope this helps!

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