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Pictures Needed For Grip Museum Project


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I would like to ask GB members if they would kindly send me images of themselves for

a new project I'm working on!

I was trying to think of a way to conserve space on my walls for grippers and not so many pictures

that take up space quickly! My idea is to purchase a large digital picture frame and download images

of GB members and others that are grip related and then display the digital picture frame in the center

of all the grippers and set it to scroll through the downloaded images at a set interval. When people visit the museum they can view the images as part of their visit.

What do you think?

If you're interested in having your image downloaded into the device for viewing by others then send

me an image(s) (limit of 2 images per person) to my e-mail: joemusselwhite2@gmail.com and I will take

care of the rest. Your image will be used in no other way except to be displayed in the digital picture frame

for the museum.

A few suggestions on image selections: I would prefer images of the member in action such as closing a gripper,axle lift, rolling thunder lift, pinch, Inch DB lifts, or any grip related feat. If you have no such image then an image of yourself with a grip related background would be good. Images of grip tools will be added as well.

Also, don't worry about downsizing the image. I will take care of this and preserve image quality at the same time.

If you have any further suggestions or criticisms please feel free to post them here and we can work them out.

All entries will have their names added to the "contributors list" here on the Grip History forum of the Grip Board! No entry will be refused if you're a GB Member! ;)

When done all the images will have the individuals name displayed as their picture is presented. Each image will be displayed approximately 5 secs. before going to the next image. I will not hold back on purchasing a really nice digital frame for this project. I'm not going to make a purchase until I see that there's an interest in others

participating. If I get 100 entries I will move forward with this project! I encourage everyone to send in an image

for this unique opportunity to be part of the Grip Museum that represents the Grip Board. :)

This will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time and a few strokes at your keyboard!

I extend a Huge Thank You in advance for your entry!!! :bow

Thanks my Grip Friends!!!

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I may be jumping the gun here but it's been 8 days now and I haven't received any pics from a single

member and there's not been any responses so it's looking like I'll be scrapping this project and using

the funds on the museum in another way or to possibly buy more grippers.

Thanks to those that did at least read the initial post!

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I guess people feel awkward sending pictures, like they're not worth it or that they're not good enough. :) Thats how I felt.

Had more people sent pictures then I had too :)

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