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Future Of Rating Grippers!


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If we had a graph (plotting lb force vs. '% close') showing three grippers:

1. a gripper with RGC of 180lb but with an easy sweep

2. An 'ideal' gripper with a straight line force / % close graph, also RGC of 180lb

3. A gripper with a hard sweep, but RGC of 180lb

Then the easy sweep would deviate from ideal, showing a plot under the 'ideal, the hard with deviation above ideal (except, of course at start & finish where all three examples would be the same: zero lb at 0% close and 180lb at 100% close).

So what I am suggesting is that a measure giving 'Hard' or 'Easy' compared to ideal would be obtained by comparing the area beneath the plot and expressing this as a percentage of 'ideal' so 'easy' would have an area less than that of the ideal, 'hard' obviously would be greater than 100% of 'ideal'.

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