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Rampage jackson

Pain Question

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Rampage jackson    3
Rampage jackson

hello im new to bending i got many 200 mm nails

i warm up very good before bending

but every time after i bend i have in my right arm little sharp pain under the biceps and little in the forearm beetwen the biceps and elbow after couple of hours the pain are

almost gone and i get stronger. in the next day i dont have the pain at all til i start bending and this happen every time

do someone have experience with this when the start? what do you guys think?

i bend 3 weeks

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Stephen Ruby    478
Stephen Ruby

If its bicep you are probably not getting the bar high enough I have same exact problem with DO bending with longer bars.-working shoulder/chest flexibility has helped- Now you are going to experience some pain bending with your hands primarily bruising/minors tears but they will toughen up quite quickly.

It would probably be helpful to show a video of one of your bends to see where you might be hurting yourself.

If you haven't already watch this video on DO technique

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