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Grip Contest Sanctioning Process

Jedd Johnson

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We have developed a sanctioning process for contests within NAGS.

I am posting here first and will get this up on the NAGS site soon. There may be a couple of additions placed under Part 2.

NAGS Sanctioning Process

The purpose of the following document is to explain the sanctioning process for North American Grip Sport, NAGS.

The reason for the entire sanctioning process is to be able to effectively compare and rank performances by athletes by assuring the same rules sets are used, comparable equipment, etc. This way, the promoter who puts on a contest is rewarding by having their contest included in the all-round results on the GripSport page and the competitors are able to have their lifts compared against their peers in the sport.

Requirements for a Contest to be Sanctioned by NAGS:

Part 1: Direct Notification to NAGS Leadership

The promoter must notify Jedd Johnson no fewer than 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the event by either telephone (60.7857.6997) or email (jedd.diesel@gmail.com).

The promoter (or representative) should then start a new thread in the Contests section of Gripboard.com. It is also suggested that they start a thread at David Horne's forum as well. This will help notify athletes of the contest.

The promoter must provide NAGS representatives with the specific information about the contest in the following format:

Name of Contest


Promoter's Name:


Entry Form and Info Link:


Within a reasonable time, one of the NAGS representatives will add the specific contest details to the NAGS Contest Calendar.

Part 2: Event Detail Requirements for Sanctioning

The next part in the sanctioning process involves the events that will be held at the contest. Our intention is to have strict adherence to the rules sets we have developed through the International Grip Collective. The Rules Sets can be found in the IGC Rules Guide and on the Event Specific Rules Page of GripSport.org.

There are two categories for sanctioning: (1) Full Sanctioning and (2) Partial Sanctioning

Full Sanctioning: Results from the contest will count towards NAGS Championship Qualification and the results will be added to our contest results database.

Partial Sanctioning: Results from the contest will count towards NAGS Championship Qualification only.

In general there are a few important areas we look for when sanctioning contest events:

(1) The rules set being used - For instance, we require Rising Bar format to be used or Rounds where contestants are not permitted to reduce the weight they attempt on lifts such as Double Overhand Axle Deadlift, Two Hands Pinch, Rolling Thunder, etc. Drops may be permitted in Grippers for Max. If Last Man Standing Rules are used for these lifts, then the event will not be Fully Sanctioned.

(2) The equipment being used - For instance, an IronMind Axle must be used for the Double Overhand Axle Event; A Euro Pinch or otherwise approved device for the Two Hands Pinch; For the Grip Topz events, official Grip Topz equipment must be used. Details regarding the equipment used will be discussed between the promoter and NAGS Leadership.

(3) The weights being used - For full sanctioning, the weights being used must be certified lifting plates or weighed on a certified scale. The equipment (Axle, Rolling Thunder, Pinch Apparatus) used for the event as well as the collars, spacers, etc., must all be weighed for full sanctioning.

This process will be followed with each individual event to be held in the contest.

Once this process is complete, each event in the contest will be given a designation of either F (Full Sanctioning), P (Partial Sanctioning), or N (Non-sanctioned). These designations will be put in parentheses behind the name of each event on the NAGS Calendar. An example contest is listed below:

Pennsylvania Grip Championship

Date: 7/12/13

Promoter's Name: Jedd Johnson

Location: Syracuse, New York

Entry Form and Info Link: http://www.DieselCrew.com

Events: Max Grippers (F), Two Hands Pinch (F), Axle (P), Medley (F), Short Bending (N)

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Here's the Contest sanctioning process...

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Copying Chris's announcement.


The NAGS group has come up with:

If you want your contest results put up on the NAGS site Top 50 List – here is what has to be done.

• The event must be sanctioned by NAGS “before” it is held. All sanctioning rules must be followed obviously as to posting, time lines, events, rules etc. This must be announced publicly by Jedd as to completion and acceptance. If the contest is not Sanctioned and Fee Paid – it will NOT be entered into the NAGS Top Fifty List.
• It will be the Promoters responsibility to send the results to Andrew Pantke after the contest – who will do all postings to the Top 50 List.
• There will be a $20 fee (payable by the Promoter) for Sanctioning and Posting ($20 Total). You must PayPal Jedd the money upon acceptance of the Sanctioning request – after receipt Sanctioning will be completed.
• It is the Promoters responsibility to do this – NAGS is not set up to go looking around for contest results.
• No results from unsanctioned events will be put on the list.

David Horne Contests will not incur a fee simply due to him putting up all contest results on his site without a fee - a fair trade we feel.

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