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Suggestions On How To Tear A Tennis Ball


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Great video dude!

Thanks mate :D

@mephistopholes: Because you, and maybe some other people have trouble viewing my videos, I made a youtube account for my future feats - this one is on there if you wanna see. Do you have a youtube channel?


Hopefully there will be some cool stuff on there in the future, so feel free to subscribe people.

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Next time I talk to him, I can ask John if he's got any training tips—I think Mike Dayton used to do this, too.

Ok Dayton did a lot of crazy stuff. http://youtu.be/wUU3Rqmajp0

You don't need any more ideas. Aren't you the guy who wants to bite through steel?


Ha great job dude! Just now saw the video.

No I don't have a YouTube Channel, but I should probably get one pretty soon...

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I forgot to mention that I tried this.

Bought a can of new balls, and tried with a technique that I thought would give me an initial tear... no dice.

Out of frustration I threw the ball across the room.

...And my 2 month old kitten brought it back to me.

Freakin' thing is the size of her head.

I discovered a grip prodigy.

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I have torn one tennis ball. But I wouldn't count it. It was really weakened by my dog, to the point where it had a soft, thin spot on it I could punch through.

I really don't know how im supposed to puncture the rubber with my fingers. Haha

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