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Anybody Have Any Comments On These Devices (good/bad)


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Just getting into Arm Wrestling and I know this won't even compare to getting work in with real people, but with my crazy schedule I'm looking for something that I can help me get in some regular/consistent practice outside of the once every six week gathering.

I thought this looked like a good idea, as it will also convert into a table really easy.

What do others use instead of this? Maybe a table, rigged with some type of pulley system from your Squat Rack cage?

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Florian Kellersmann

I have not tried this machine, but it seems to me like a machine for sidepressure training. This wouldn't be my choice. I would focus on other exercises instead. Lots of info is in this thread already.

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I 100% agree with Florian!

Stay away from these type machines!

A much better choice is attaching tubes (resistance bands) at different angles (mainly 45 degrees)

high and low and practicing various positions from these different directions.

I've owned both a stand up and seated version of arm wrestling machines and did nothing but get injured.

Not to mention the angles you pull from are far from realistic.

Also, stay away from heavy DB curls on an arm wrestling table! The compression down onto the elbow

joints is harmful (long term) and can easily be replaced by practice from resistance bands mentioned


Hope this helps you!

Be patient! Train smart! Lastly, progress at AW'ing takes more time than other strength related sports

and the approach is totally different. Keep these things in mind as you design your program based on

your strengths and weaknesses. MOST IMPORTANTLY, find a competent arm wrestling training partner

to show you proper arm wrestling technique and table savvy.

It's much easier to develop bad habits than it is to break them!!! ;)

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