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10-event Medley - November 17th 2012

Eric Roussin

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I will once again be running a grip sport contest in conjunction with an armwrestling tournament on November 17th in Kingston, Ontario. It's open to everyone. Here’s the info:

The Eastern Ontario Grip Strength Challenge

10-Event Medley

Competitors will have 2 minutes to complete as many of the following feats as they can:

Pinch Lift Two 25 lb Plates

Close a COC #2 Gripper

Lift a 124 lb Anvil by the Horn

Front Lever a 6 lb Sledge

Lift a 35 lb Plate by the Hub

Pinch Lift 40 lbs with a Washer

Curl a 35 lb Plate

Rear Lever an 8 lb Sledge

Lift a 32.5 lb Blob by the Face

Close an IM TUG #5 with Ring/Pinky

Tie-breaker - Silver Bullet Hold with a COC #1.5

$20 entry - Starts immediately following the armwrestling (approximately 6pm) - Trophies for top 3

Registration - 4pm to 6pm


JAKK Tuesday's Sports Pub

642 Progress Avenue

Kingston, ON


This will be a quick event – it will be done in less than an hour. Some of the feats may seem easy to many Grip Board members. I wanted to include at least a few feats that are accessible to first-timers. Most, if not all competitors will be armwrestlers and so will likely have a good wrist strength base.

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the feats do seems relatively easy. getting them all done in 120 seconds makes it very tricky. wish this was closer or i had a reason to be in that area at that time. would be fun.

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Eric runs a good event and has some very strong friends, including long-time Gripboard member, Stefan Straub.

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Just a reminder that this event is taking place this Saturday. A perfect event for those who are new to grip sport.

The entry fee has also been reduced to $10.

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Here are the results from the Eastern Ontario Grip Strength Challenge:

1st - Evan Keller (10 feats completed - 1:04 strap hold)

2nd - Eric Roussin (10 feats completed - 0:53 strap hold)

3rd - Rick Blanchard (10 feats completed - 0:42 strap hold)

T4th - Bradford Cooke (9 feats completed)

T4th - Tyson Burke (9 feats completed)

T4th - Joe Gould (9 feats completed)

T4th - Bilal Kreidieh (9 feats completed)

T8th - Janek Kwias (8 feats completed)

T8th - Evan Cooke (8 feats completed)

I was surprised by the overall strength of the field of competitors. This was the first grip contest for most - a few had never even trained grip specifically. 2 minutes was more than enough time to attempt all of the feats. I will probably up the number of feats to 15 if I use a 2 minute time limit next time. I will also need to increase the difficulty a bit to make the event more of a challenge.

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Though he lost in the tie-breaker, perhaps the most impressive display of the day was 55 year old Rick Blanchard completing all feats in one minute, and following it up by ripping a phone book into quarters.

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