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Respectable poundages for wrist rolling


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I built myself a wrist roller months ago and have only just recently been able to find my self some 2 inch dia. pipe.  I am just curious to find out if there is any respectable weight for this type of roller?  I hold it at waist height.  What weight, tecnique and size do you use?

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If the wrist roller is not supported either on a stand,

or suspended from overhead, then, in my view, it

should be used with straight arms hanging down

in a wrist curl motion, after the rope has encircled

the roller at least once. Leaning forward on a torso

support (incline bench) allows the arms to dangle

straight down and removes the delts from the


It has never made sense to me to keep 're-grabbing'

the roller with alternate hands. Keep the hands on

the bar and go for full contraction/extension with

sets alternating between overgrip and undergrip.

The weight is whatever is heavy for you in good style.

Sometimes I stand to the side of the wrist roller (on

a stand) and use a wrist twisting motion.

Also, have you ever tried to make an attachment which

you could hook to the lat machine, and use as a wrist

roller. Good stuff.

These are just my opinions and I have carefully

avoided including a photo of my forearms.

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Roark, thats a good idea.  I never thought of instead of letting go with the hand you are using, just loosen the other one.  That could be a better option for a lot of reasons then all I do is count reps.  - thanks.


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