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Best Gear For Arm Wrestling

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""4) Nearly all bad habits start at poorly designed practice sessions were all that counts is winning at any costs! I've seen it too many times!""

Copyright, Tag and stamp that.^^

For the most part I agree that more injuries happen at practice but the real nasty ones that I've seen where at a event.

Mike, you are correct buddy!

I meant to clarify my statement better. Most injuries happen at practice but I've never seen a broke arm at a

practice session, only at tournaments. I witnessed 6 snapped arms in my 15 year competitive career and that was

6 too many. One of these snaps was a female puller. Another one was at a tournament I held here locally. Not good!

If you're ever this way Mike PM me and let me know. Would love to train with you and share ideas.

This Sunday Michael Hann (ranked 7th in the World) is coming down for some training/practice. i really look forward

to this opportunity with Hann! The guy is crazy strong and very technical puller.

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Recently got a new toy a few weeks ago that I had known about for a while but had dismissed it. It's called a Heavy Handle Dumbbell.

http://www.heavyhandle.com/. I'm glad I came around and decided to purchase it. It's a great tool for back pressure and hits the failing point in the wrist at the perfect spot. Granted you can't put alot of weight so you might not think it's an effective tool but people need to realize your had and wrist is where it starts in the sport. Don't even think about trying to make your biceps strong if your hands and wrists are weak.

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Table - best device! :)

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