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Kettlebell Wrist Forearm Exercise Called The Cross


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a kettlebell move an old russian wrestler who trained with kettlebells was telling me about..

orthodox cross movement with a kettlebell

you take a kettlebell bottums up by the handle then go to the forehead.. down, then from shoulder to shoulder

my goal is to be able to handle a 53 lb in this manner

this is with a 26 lb dragoondoor bell

post some vids I know there are people who can do some heavy bells in this movement


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Looks like a variation of the bottom-up exercise, holding it and moving it around. Just tried with 24KG, interesting exercise.

I find these exercises to be much better however (with the same weight kettlebell):

Fedorenko doing something very difficult here:

There's also Pavel Tsatsouline's wrist drill (I find the kettlebell's handle to be very slippery during this exercise).

- hold the kettlebell down, with the handle touching the floor

- rotate the handle to be positioned vertically (still touching the floor)

- grab the handle on the top part

- try to lift the ball part of the kettlebell - while the bottom part of the handle still touches the ground. don't lift it in the air.

You can also do this in reverse - grabbing it from behind (with your back turned opposite to it)

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I like the exercise Fedorenko is doing in the video , will have to give that one a try today!

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32 kg snatches are a good grip exercise too! :)

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