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Jedd Johnson

Sledge Hammer Coin Deadlifts

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Jedd Johnson

Sledge Deadlift

1.  Weight of the Sledge must be shown on camera.  This can be done by showing the stamp on the head by the manufacture, or by weighing the hammer on a scale if there is no stamp.  In the case that there is no stamp, the entire sledge must be weighed and be at least 1 lb heavier than the stated weight.

2.  The handle of the sledgehammer must be at least 30", measured from the end of the handle to where it meets the sledge head.

3.  Lifter places the sledge on the ground with the head vertical, and a quarter is placed on the contact point of the sledge head that points up.

4.  Lifter grips the handle at the very end, so that no part of the handle juts beyond the edge of the hand.

5.  The lifter must lift the entire sledge hammer off the ground to a lockout position, locking out the knees, hips and shoulder of the lifting hand.  Lifter must then return the hammer to the ground.  The coin must remain on the head of the hammer from lift-off, to lockout, and until the sledgehammer head contacts the ground.  At no point may it slip off, until the head contacts the floor.


8-lb Sledge Deadlift

Robert Miller

Delmar Carter ( acromegaman )

Michael Thomas

10-lb Sledge Deadlift

Robert Miller

Delmar Carter

12-lb Sledge Deadlift

16-lb Sledge Deadlift

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