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Baseball Grip Training Circuit

Jedd Johnson

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With Spring Training Baseball on TV, I am getting that rush again. Soon I will be watch A-rod on his way to another 50 Home Run season and Derek Jeter returning to form after last season rough period.

Lately, with so much baseball on the television, in the newspaper, and on the NET, many of my weekend forearm workouts have included movements that I only WISH I knew about back when I was in high school and college. Back in those days, I did very little consistent training and if I would have thrown some of this stuff in there, I’m convinced my bat handling would have been better and I would have hit more home runs and maintained a better average.

Grip and forearm training like this is important for baseball players. Let’s take a look at the equipment in this video.

1. Rubber Bands

I have been hitting my extensors every grip workout lately. Extensor work is a must for maintaining a balance between the muscles that open the hand and the ones that close it. I have just been using rubber bands from Staples and hitting sets of 20 or so to blast the extensors.

2. Napalm’s Nightmare

This is a thick rotating handle device of torture that a friend put together for me that allows me to train both hands at the same time while also hitting the glutes. If you’ve picked up the Home Made Strength On-line DVD, then you should have built this by now, because it is one of the bonuses you get for your purchase. It is extremely cheap to make and deceptively savage for thick bar training. If you don't have that, go get it now = > Home Made Strength On-line DVD.

3. Loadable Dumbbell Handles

I haven’t been loading these up with weights lately because I’ve found they’ve been more useful to me for wrist and forearm work, specifically forearm circumductions. You can hit this held out if front of you, out to your sides, behind the back, etc., and each angle hits the forearms a little bit differently.

4. Demolition Club

This is an 89.5-lb piece of sickness. It’s an empty artillery shell with a thick steel handle that I used for all kinds of methods of madness. In this video I use it for Pendulum swings.

5. More Rubber Bands

This circuit starts of with extensors and ends with them. By the end of this circuit, blood is pumping from the original of the muscles crossing the elbow, and out into the thumbs and fingers.

I am getting some great work from these circuits. They make for great finishers for my wrist and forearm days and the pump FAR EXCEEDS any workout I ever did with standard wrist curls and wrist roller work.

I hope you enjoy this combination and that it helps you get an idea of some grip and forearm training you can put into your routine for the benefit of increased forearm mass, wrist and grip strength, as well as increased performance in the batter’s box.

Thanks and all the best in your training.


P.S. For the Ultimate Resource on Forearm Training for Baseball, you've got to check out my Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball. <= = Get the Secret Weapon for Baseball Strength Training.

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