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My name is Mike and I am from West Michigan. I am primarily a powerlifter but have an interest in grip training and strongman too. I have fairly small hands (7 1/2").My best grip related lifts are-- Apollon's Axle double overhand deadlift 280#, Rolling Thunder-- 150# R 140# L, IM pinch block 45# of plates (either hand), IM hub pinch tool 50# of plates with R, 45 with L, pinch 2 35s with R, 2 25s with L, almost close IM #2 with R (within 1/4"), barely parallel with L.

My current grip goals are:

Hub lift a 45 in each hand (I finally found some 'Hampton' plates at the local Y to try this on. I can get the 45 off the ground with either hand but grip was not tight enough to fully deadlift (plus I feared trying unless I was sure I would get it as dropping plates is very much frowned on there). I'm sure I will accomplish this goal with a little more training time.

Pinch grip 2 45s. Not sure how to train to bridge the 20# gap between 35s and 45s except to keep working with my IM pinch block.

Close the IM #2 gripper. This is a frustrating one. Its been over a year and I feel I am no closer than before. I can close the #1 for 21 reps.

My current grip related training is grippers 2x a week. One day is forced closed negatives with the #2 (5 sets) and then rep out with the #1. The other day is strap holds with the #1. I train pinch grip 3x a week using either the IM pinch block or the IM pinch hub usually doing many sets of heavy holds. I then do some plate pinches with 10s with only my ring and little fingers. (This is easy but a 25 is too heavy.) I also train the RT 3x a week doing heavy holds.

Any advice on breaking thru my gripper plateau or how to advnace on plate pinches is the type of advice I am currently seeking.

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Hello, my name is John Oka and I'm new to the grip game. I live on Maui, which gripsport does not exist. I started grip training for rehabilitation from Carpel tunnel surgery.  I'm on IG as Jokab

Hello everyone, My name is Andrew Dube, I'm 30 years old live in Waterloo ontario with my wife and two boys (3 and 1). I work as a machinist for the university science departments mostly building

Just for the record, I get a bit of sadness every time we get a new member and they post in Sybersnott's thread he started so long ago (and the most replies of any thread). May you rest in peace

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Not sure how to train to bridge the 20# gap between 35s and 45s except to keep working with my IM pinch block.

I have enjoyed success by adding extra plates using my loading pin (a PVC pipe would do the same job). I don't think that this has a significant impact on the difficulty of lifting the weight, 2 plates plus my 3.5lbs loading pin is harder than just the two plates.

Failing this, there are a couple of posts on deload systems that you might want to take a look at.

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Well, I'll add my name to the pile of newcomers.

I found this board a couple months ago by accident. I was looking for information on weight training because after years of hardly concentrating on exercise I was beginning to get back into it.

Anyway, while at some weight lifting site I stumbled across some discussions on grip strength. This struck a nerve because I always felt that I had a strong grip, even when I was one of the skinniest kids around--a long time ago (I'm 36). I'd used the plastic grippers on and off over the years, and found them to be great for stress relief.

Well, I ordered the ironmind #1,#2, and #3 about a month and a half ago. I could close the #1 and #2 right away, with both hands. I could get passed parallel on the #3, but that thing is a real challenge. Like an idiot, I kept at it the first 2 days and completely overtrained and injured myself. I could barely lift anything for a few days, and my hands and wrist hurt for over a week.

I've been training with the grippers a few times a week, and I'm closing in on the #3 with my right hand. My left still has some unexplained pain. I ordered some chalk from ironmind today, and I've finally figured out how to do effective negatives on the #3. My goal right now is simply to close #3 and get certified from Ironmind. Then maybe I'll try for the Mash Monsters.

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How do you do? Name's Mike! Although not currently working the grip but spent a good amount of time in the late 90's with the COC #2 Never attempted/bought the #3 Too intimidating. 6'2" 225 lbs.

Participated in 2 HG events here in Japan in '96 and '97. Took 1st in both. Not high level of competition but a lot of fun.

Training MA for the past 24 years. I started the grip thing as an addition to my MA training and it became the focus to the point where I was neglecting the MA training in favor of the grip/strength training.

Any other MA folks out there?

Feeling a bit nostalgic and thinking about incorporating the grip training back into my life......

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Hi my name is Kevin I am new to the gripping sport, Ive been Gripping for about 3 months.I am 6' 200lbs, I can lift 160 on my rolling thunder,and i can close a filed down super master with a full sweep with both hands. I am a hair away on closing the #3. I really enjoy the gripping sport. My goal is to close a #3, hub pinch a 45lb plate, lift the blob and to lift the inch replica. Their is so much info on hand strength and anything else about lifting or bending etc. over here on the truly, AMAZING grip board. :rock:rock:rock:rock:rock:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:D

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Well I guess its my turn to introduce myself and tell why I'm here. My name is Ruben I'm 24yrs old and started working out again seven months ago for the first time in 6 years. This last Monday (8/2/04) I went to the gym (Tuscon raquet and fitness) with my best friend Mat and began our regular workout and because I was visiting and not planning on a gym visit I had forgotten my dual prong weight belt I felt I wasn't going to be able to squat that day. But my friend took it upon himself to introduce me to the local "go to guy" Robert aka "Herc" :bow who was very warm and generous in that he allowed me to use his belt very awesome. Then on Mat's recommendation Herc brought out the infamous ironmind king of crush grippers. After a little coaching I found my self closing Herk's filed down number two and giving the number 3 a little scare but alas was unable to close it completely. This led the unveiling of the next cool thing I had never thought or knew existed (since the concept of grip testing equipment was completely foreign to me) they called it a pinch block or more intimatly the block buster. Unfazed in my ignorance I asked Herc if I could try this strange aparatus and with a friendly smirk he replied sure.

We began with a humbling 25lb plate which more than a few guys missed on. But to my surprise I found this weight not to disagreeable. I quickly dismissed this weight and called for another 25lbs. Herc warned that this was a weight not to easily done without training but again I lifted this weight with ease and to my surprise Herc was very shocked and elated. Again I confidently asked for another 25lbs for a total of 75lbs and Herc was even more impressed as I lifted this weight as though the plates were made of rubber. At this point Herc felt obligated to tell me that this is not the normal first session for someone who has never worked grip or worse yet never even had heard of a pinch block. But his excitement began to fuel my curiosity how much can a guy do with no previous experience? The weight began to grow and eventually I missed I asked Herc how much is was and replied 80lbs, yet a grin grew across the face of my friend. Reassuring myself it was only eighty I tried once more for a successfull five second lift ( thats what Herc called it) and upon placing the weight back down I studied the weight to realize that it wasn't 80lbs but a little more 87 1/2 lbs I asked Herc what the deal was he said it was a honest miscalculation but Mat said he knew the whole time but didn't say anything becuase he wanted to see if I could do it. We tried for 90 lbs but the weight proved to much on this day. So that is my story now I am very excited to train and perhaps trying my hand at competition. I'd love to get some feedback and perhaps some tips. Everyone seems very nice and I glad to be a part of this fine forum. This is my first forum so I'm sure I forgot plenty of important things so I'll be glad to answer any questions. Thank you for you time :rock

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That really is some incredible pinching for a first-timer. I look forward to watching your progress.

Welcome aboard!

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To answer your question here is my regular workout. I work out Mondays and Fridays.

Monday is a superset of bench and squat.

Squat 405x10 for 3 sets

one rep max of 545lbs (6/12/04)

Bench 245x8 for 3 sets

one rep max 345lbs (6/12/04)

Friday is hangcleans only

250x8 for 3 sets

one rep max ? haven't done yet.

I hope to continue making gains since I just started working out middle of March. Thank you for your interest and good luck in your workouts. :mosher

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Florian Kellersmann

Welcome on the board! Impressive lifts :bow

What's your weight?


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I know Herk and emailed him about Ruben. Here's what he said:

I'm still AMAZED at how easily Ruben pinched that kind of poundage.

He's a "Class" guy and truly a STRONG and POWERFUL lifter!!!!! :-) I'm

almost certain he could have pinched 90 pounds if he hadn't "toyed" with

the "ole" Coc's. :-) He mashed my filed down #2 I've been using for

over-crushes and came within, I'd say, a 1/4 inch of closing my #3!!!!!

Simply... seeing what he was able to accomplish was truly a PHENOMENAL

sight to behold - and then some!!!!! :-) Man, I was absolutely loving

every minute of it!!!! :-)

I've given him my #2 and #3 Coc's, my "blockbuster", and my rolling

thunder to see what he'll eventually be capable of lifting with some

serious grip training under his belt!!!! :-)

If it wasn't for the passing away of a friend just recently, I would

have posted this incredible feat the other day.

BTW, he made his sets of 10 with 405 in his squats look like child's

play!!!! Impeccable form, excellent depth, and slow and controlled on

each rep!!!! Man, it was a thing of beauty to behold!!!!! :-)

We plan on taking some neat pics the next time he visits. Ruben

currently resides in Lake Havasu Arizona, if I'm not mistaken. His

demeanor is like that of a giant teddy bear, only he's BRUTALLY

STRONG!!!!! :-)

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I'm 5'10'' and 255lbs with clothes on. Thank you and good luck!!

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Muchos gracias viejito!! :D:D

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Hi everybody I'm Mat. I'm not only new to grip, but also to lifting in general. I've been at it for a little over six months and am leaner, stronger and happier then when I started.

Being Rubens workout partner I got to see his pinch firsthand. Although I also had never heard of the "Blockbuster" and didn't even know what a good pinch was, between the look on Herks face and the fact that Ruben was pinching more than three times what I could not, I realized he was clearing some serious weight. We were having so much fun with the grip toys we didn't have time to finish our regular workout.

I know this must sound some kind of hokey but, it was a unique experience that in itself and during the few days since has opened new doors and forever changed my concept of "workout".

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My name is Keith. I am 45, have been lifting off and on for over 20 years. In just the last year I found Brooks Kubik's site, got his book and started to have much more productive workouts. Through Brooks I found Ironmind and got really interested in grip training. Since then, I have purchased CofC's Trainer, 1 and 2, a Rolling Thunder, carabiner and loading pin and John Brookfield's book. I am working hard, but I am not at the level of most people on this forum. I look forward to finding some good tips here. Keith

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SUP! First I would like to say thanks for letting me on this board. The information and atmosphere is great. The videos are highly motivating and helpful.

I'm 6'1, 21 years old (22 in a few days :) I started lifting in september of 2003. When i started lifting i weighed a measly ~140lbs. Now i'm 173lbs. I became hooked on trying to get stronger. Dinosaur training and Mastery of Hand strength helped steer me in the right directions for my goals. In the begining i started lifting to gain weight and try to get stronger for basketball, but now im lifting to become a freak :) So basketball training and strength/grip training & school takes up alot of my time.

Some of my current NEWBIE accomplishments:

200 lbs 2 inch thick bar deadlift (no mix grip) for a triple

300lbs sumo mixed grip deadlift for a single

deep bottom position squat off pins 205 for a double

~61lbs sandbag overhead press for 13 reps

200lbs 2inch thick bar close grip lockouts for 5reps

I do alot of sandbag, thick bar, squats/dead/overhead work, plate pinches/sledge hammer/lever bar work, and some gripper work.

i have some major grip problems. From what i noticed about myself it seems that i have horrible pinkey and ring finger strength. I am working alot on plate pinches with thumb + pinkey + ring finger. I ordered the ironmind trainer a few weeks ago, i can BARELY get it closed with my left, and only a few reps with my right. When i took it out of the package i thought for sure i would demolish it, i was humbled.........I also have had many wrist/finger injuries when i was younger such as broken wrist/broken fingers, so wrist/finger strength is a big priority on my list.


close #4

deadlift 700

squat 600

Get my bodyweight around 200-235

Become a grip master!

Get my sandbag over 100lbs

Learn the olympic lifts

Ok, there's my newbie post, cya

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Hi, my name is Jeff. I am new to grip training. I was humbled by the #2 COC gripper about four months ago, and can now close that little monster.

I am 5'10"

200 lbs

31 years old

My interests are weight training and martial arts.

Current goals include closing the #3 and the #4.

I am a Marine recently moved to San Diego. Looking for someone in the area with an "odd objects gym." (appartment living doesn't allow for it)

After reading some of these posts I on my way to purchase a sledge hammer to expand my lower-arm routine.

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