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hey everyone,

Im james, form australia. 21yrs old, 140lbs, 5'7".

I used to be a climber/boulderer (for 7 years) but have since put that aside due to other commitments. My training has taken a focus on grip and tough bodyweight exercises.

I have just closed the #2 with my right and am afew mm off on my left. I have also just recently pulled my first "rafter pull-ups". I aim to be able to do upto 10 reps of rafter pull-ups by the end of the year and close the #3 by the end of next year (??? hmmm)

any other aussies here? (i know afew already..u know who yo are, no need to tell me!)


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Hello everyone, My name is Andrew Dube, I'm 30 years old live in Waterloo ontario with my wife and two boys (3 and 1). I work as a machinist for the university science departments mostly building

Hello, my name is John Oka and I'm new to the grip game. I live on Maui, which gripsport does not exist. I started grip training for rehabilitation from Carpel tunnel surgery.  I'm on IG as Jokab

Hi everybody, and thank you for letting me in I'm a 53 year old Young man from Sweden with a gripaddiction, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. I was introduced to gripstrength a few years ba

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Saw this thread after my first post....oops. Well, I'm a gripboard and grip strength newbie...a friend of doc's (sean dockery)...in the Marines (grunt-O)...deploying soon...and want to keep up training even while deployed. I enjoy the squat and deadlift and other nuts and bolts lifts yet my grip has kept me back from making the gains I would like. 5'8, 180, 22 yrs.

Oohrah, Kill!

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Hello everyone, my name is Mohammad Ahmad from Pakistan.

Ive been lifting weights 4, 4 years now. always loved training my grip. So much so that for the past year all my exercises are done on 2.5" thick bars and dumbbells.

My 1 rep max on the clean and press is 63 kgs, squat was 100 kgs now its 50kg, deadlift is 90 kg. and all of these on the thick bars. Ive recently come to know about this community so i joined in the hope of picking up some useful tips to improve.

Well if u have anything to ask dont hold back.

Take care everyone.

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Name's Troy--not that that is really important but anyhow...

My bench sucks--like 170 or so max right now, can do like 155 for 3 sets of 6-8. Taking advice from bodybuilding.com's forums I'm forgoing bench to go to dumbbell presses and incline dumbell presses and dips and a set of cable flies similar to the motion of the pec dec.

Anyhow, my concerns are for SHRUGS and DEADLIFTS--straight-legged and bent (squat-like motion).

I can no longer raise the weight after working out for about 2 or 3 months.

I can do 245 almost with no problems, but even there I get some slipping problems. After failing to go any higher from about 205--I decided to use an alternate grip (one palm forward, one palm backward) and I've increased the weight pretty well in both DL areas. However I can't seem to hold onto any more weight than 260 for more than 2 or 3 reps. It's not only annoying but frustrating to know that your back and legs can support more weight than that.

Pretty much same thing with shrugs. I haven't done BB shrugs in a while--but dumbbell shrugs have plateaued thanks to my lack of grip.

I can do shrugs with 70 right now, without too bad of slippage. Higher, I obviously can only hang on for 5 or 6 reps in a row.

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mighty joe not so young

my name is Joe Brausch, i live near cincinnati. been into strength training a long time. 43 years old, 245 lbs.been doing strongman for the last 3 years, and won nationals master heavyweight last year.just started to get into grip training. closed the coc #2 on my 2nd attempt the day i got it. last week started bending my first nails. 6" galvinized number 40s. look foward to growing in this sport and learning.

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Hey I'm Farren. I am 17, and about 150 lbs from Arkansas with little weight lifting or grip experience. I'm not really sure where I first saw the CoC grippers, but that is what got me interested. I bought the trainer and #1 about a month ago and could close the trainer without a problem and worked my way up to closing the #1 a week later. I then bought a #2 and an ironmind heavy hammer II leverage bar, which just got it in last week. It'll prolly be a while before I can close the #2 as I can only close the #1 3-4 times. Last night I built a pinch grip block out of a 4x4. I'm not really sure what the instructions are for the most effective pinch grip workout with this tool, but I'm hoping someone on here can help me. I'm also curious as to whether anyone reccomends ironmind's claw curl or eagle loops. They both looked like they work the fingers pretty good so if anyone has any reccomendations please let me know. Any other reccomendations for a great forearm workout would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to close the #3 and get a decent forearm and grip in the process. This has been a great site. Thanks everyone.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Dan Clizer, I'm 40 years old, 6'4" 300lbs. I live in the mountains of northern Idaho. I've been weight training off and on for the last twenty years.

I've done some grip work over the years but didn't really start training it seriously until a few months ago when I really started to get a lot more interested in it.

When I discovered the grip board I thought it would be a great place to pick up some tips and I sure haven't been disappointed. My current goal is to close the #3 CoC, which I plan on doing within the next two weeks (I have it down to the last 1/8") Then I'd like to work on the #4 for the next year or so until I get it.

I Love thick bar work and pinch grip work too, so I continue to train for all-around grip strength.

It's great to be a part of this kind of supportive atmosphere and I'm learning quickly.

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This is Frank (39), coming from Germany (somewhere in the near of black forest...). On a good day I close a #3 but haven't certified yet. No time and as I know in Germany only one possibility (And it would be :( if you travel that long way and it's not you're good day). As I started I was able to close the #2 with the right hand after two weeks training, but it took me half a year to close the #3 the first time.

I already own the grippers with 300 and 330 ponds and gosh, that gonna be a lot of work. I only did work on the grippers so far, I haven't played around with the other tools like pinch grip etc.

I also do some powerlifting, my bench press is about 500 without shirt. From next week I want to try with the "Fury".

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Ray Hansford


Sounds like you've done some impressive stuff already :rock

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Michael Rabich 24 years old, 6'1 180 lbs, in the army. I bought Ironmind number 1 gripper 4 years ago, and was able to close it right away. I bought number 2 gripper a couple of years later and was less than a penny width from closing it, right before my deployment to Afghanistan. I made a mistake of not taking my gripper there with me, otherwise it would long be closed. When I came back 9 months later, I could still close number one gripper with either hand, but no where close to number 2. However each week I progress slightly, and hopefully in a month or two I'll be closing it number 2, and then proceed to get myself certified on number 3.

I can deadlift 425 lbs, full squat 300. Would like to be doing 500, 400 respectively.

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Little late folks, but here goes.

I'm still tryin' to shut the #2. It seems that when I use only two fingers near the bottom of the handles, I nearly get there. Thanks guys, I've said it before but y'all provide a world class(i.e. not everyday can you get world class info from the best) board to get ideas from. I have been levering, with a set of pliers, using dumbbells( 15# and 25# currently). Any ideas, folks?

Thanks anyways for the opportunity to participate in a board such as this. Keep up the good work, Mr. Piche.

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hey everyone

James Yates 19 yrs from England

I've been training grip for a few months, can close the #1 with no trouble now but havn't got round to ordering #2. also do a fair bit of levering with an 8lb sledge and hope to work up to 10lb pretty soon.

Apart from grip i'm intersted in general strength training, deadlifts, squats etc.

Have been looking around on the board for a while and thought it was about time I said Hi

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HI I am nick Rosendaul from Columbus , OH. Those of you that were at night of strength 2 might remember me I am a good friend of Sean Dockery and was there with him. anyway, I am 6 foot 270. I have only been training grip for 3 1/2 mounths and it is going good. I got hooked at nos2. I have strength trained on and off sinece juinor high and have gotten into some strongman training in the last 4 or so years. I am here to talk to the poeple get ideas and pick some brains ,and to check out the awsome grip feats of some of the guys on here. I got a tast of that at nos2 and wanted more. have a good one guys. :rock

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Hi, I`m Dale Eagan I`ve lifted for over 24 years, still fairly new to grip training, mostly using a grip machine at the present time and the "Thug 3" wrist roller. I`m 5ft 9 and weigh 230, and train every thing in a Hit syle.

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Hey guys, :)

I'm Billy, You may know me from Rugged.

I'm from B.C. Canada

26yrs old



I've been training for about two years, general strength, Deads, squats, chins, presses. Some strongman training lately. I love to build my own equipment as I train at home.

I have made:

Farmers implements

Free rotating wrist roller

various thick bars to use with standard plates and for chins

small atlas stone (More in the works)

pinch blocks

twist-yo-wrist home version

thick DB handles


(I think that's it.)

Guys on Rugged tease me for being a MacGyver. :D

I have a beer keg to use for various lifts, and 100' of thick (1 & 1/2") rope.

I recently applied to become an auxilary fire fighter so I'm conditioning for that.

I made a rolled hose training sub using a truck tire tube and 85lbs of sand. It feels just like a rolled up hose. Grip will come in handy for that job.

Grip strength is a lot of fun, and valuble for everything.

I got the #1 for Christmas last year and could almost close it then. I've since got the T and #2 and can now close the 2 with my right at will, (for singles).

I injured my left thumb skiing years ago so pinch strength is crappy on the left side and only slightly better on ther right.

I'm always looking for new training items I can make for cheap.

Looking forward to learning from you guys. :bow

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Hi guys - I'm a newbie here... Corran, 30, from New Zealand but living in Amsterdam, Holland.

I've been mucking around with weight training for a few years but got into it in earnest about 5 months back. Wanted to drop a couple of stone for my wedding (in September) and did that pretty quick and in the process got hooked on weight and grip training.

I'm using an Ivanko supergripper at the moment and a homemade wrist roller and the weights at the gym. I'm looking forward to getting some CoC grippers, but being a broke student it'll have to wait till I get a bit of cash.

Looking forward to reading the posts and here and learning from you all.



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Murph, I own Total Performance in Everett, Ma. Into anything strength related, specifically strongman, pl, GRIP. Good friends with Diesel guys, can't wait to see Jedd do the farmers walk with an inch dumbell ineach hand,

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New here, thanks for allowing me to join. I am 35 years old, 6 foot dead even, 179 pounds. I recently dropped 11 pounds as I have been running 80 miles per month the last two months.

Still drinking a beer or two when desired. :rock

I have broken my left wrist, both bones near the hand snapped, three times. I have broken my right thumb in a fight with my younger brother who had a baseball bat at the time when we were teenagers; we are 18 months apart. I shattered my right index finger during a very rough basketball game with some good friends at night with car lights lighting the court... surgery and pins required...

I was bodybuilding, powerlifting 4-5 times per week for about ten years, then the gym closed, I got married, and got a touch overweight...

Anyways, I found you guys through Pavel Tatsouline's forum, as I have kettlebells, and I have realized I am not an office person. I was working as a heart technician, and quit and started my own business, but that failed...

I have been in construction (contracting-high end in San Francisco) and know I need a good strong grip; last Friday I was drilling into concrete and the tool was telling me what to do. I want to tell the tool what to do, instead. I just ordered the number 1 gripper. My left wrist that I have broken is weak, but can still be strong... I have benched 243.5 with that wrist so it is ok for me... Deadlifted 398lbs... At 35 years of age, my heart is most important, so I am running 5 miles at a 8:30 pace, up from a 13:00 pace 3 months ago... I have a history of athletics, however...

Anyways, just rambling a bit about me off the top of my head. I now believe a good grip makes a man so I am interested...

Just last week I was at the lumber yard and I shook hands with a guy, mid 50's, and I was humbled; didn't say anything. Someone later mentioned that he was an arm wrestling champion and I mentioned to him that I felt his grip when we shook hands and I knew he had to be "something." ... a very subtle grip with strength underneath... He then told a great story about his daughter beating a bunch of guys in arm wrestling in college.

But anyways, thanks for having me... I won't be posting much, but I haven't read one post or thread here yet, so we will see...

That is me. Timster.

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I suppose I could stop lurking long enough to say hi.

So, uhh, hi. I'm Matt, I'm 23 years old, I live in St. Louis, and I'm about 6'3"/210lbs. I have no strength training at all prior to finding this site, in fact I've been rather sedentary for the past five years or so :dry That's changing though.

I was surfing the internet one day for simple excersizes that didn't involve a gym membership, and when I was doing my lower arm search, I stumbled onto these grippers called "Captains of Crush." I figured what the hell, and ordered a trainer. The easiest can't be too bad, I thought. Right? It arrived, and I could barely close it with my right(dominant) hand. Once. Repping it was impossible.

I got discouraged and set it aside. Maybe three months ago I found this site somehow, and loved reading about all these impressive feats of strength... then I finally got motivated to give my $20 paperweight another try. Barely closed it again, but that time I didn't give up. As of today, thanks in large part to tips I've read on this board, not only is my CoC trainer crushed but I can no-set close the #1 in either hand and I'm making slow but (hopefully) steady progress towards the #2.

May not be a lot compared to some of you guys, but it's certainly progress... and I'll take all of that I can get!

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New here. I am a competitive powerlifter for 10 years and recently have been enjoying grip training. So far I am only closing the #1 ironmind captains of crush gripper, but I have just been training grip work exclusively 1 month. I have a few homemade implements I use like wrist rollers w/different thicknesses. I'm going to make some homemade equipment to do some other stuff with. Also I am interested in trying my first strongman competition next year so grip training has become important.

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Hey folks.

I'm Sean from Boston, MA. I was a kettlebell sport guy until recently when I became interested in more training for strength than a contest. Picked up a trainer and #1 CoC this week and am JUST starting to work with them.

I'm 28 and 6'2" and about 215. I'm an urban cyclist and still lift my 53lb bell 3-4 times a week. I can close the Trainer with my right hand, and almost with my left. Not really sure what I'm doing here, so any advice you want to give me is great.

Now I'll go back to lurking.

Edited by mrzero
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Hi My Name is Jim

I got sent over here by the diesel crew.

I compete in strongman currently injured.

Always looking for more knowledge

5'10.5 234lb

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Hello, im a new member of gripboard and ive been gripping ever since my little accident that involved my both hands getting surgery etc..

Anyway now im really interested about this and i got just few weeks ago my grippers.

One of those store cheap grippers and a Captains of crush gripper #T

In the beginning i could only close the cheap gripper 5 times with my right and 3 times with my left, i was stunned that i couldnt do more.

I started training and now i can get to around 50 with both hands but im about 0.5-9 cm away from closing the CoC #T


Anyway im just here to ask if anyway has any "tricks" or training programs they could share.

I can't possible get KTA so if anyone knows any free programs of some sort they would be appreciated :help

Thank you

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Welcome to the board and good luck with the training. Spend some time in the FAQ section - there are a lot of ideas and common questions outlined there. There is no need for a lot of money either. Use the search function for homemade grip tools and such. Its addicting and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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