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Want To Get On The Mash Monster Ladder?

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To get on the Mash Monster Ladder, one must certify at Level 0 first. Here are the rules/logistics:

1. The same basic Mash Monster Rules apply for the close with exceptions stated below. See the pinned post in the main Mash Monster forum for the basic rules.

2. Any untampered IronMind #3 gripper OR GHP #7 gripper can be used for the certification.

3. A member must at least be a GripBoard Contributor Level 1 (or higher). Contributor groups are listed here: http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?app=nexus (You can also find them by clicking on Store at the very top of the GripBoard). This is not a requirement for levels higher than Mash Monster level 0.

4. The number of attempts to reach level 0 is unlimited.

5. The member must be in good standing and have at minimum of 10 posts.  The member must demonstrate they can communicate appropriately during the process.

6. Check this thread and be sure there is no one else in process before submission of the video. http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtopic=36148

7. The video should be uploaded to YouTube and sent to Wannagrip as an unlisted video on YouTube. Also include the date of the close.


  • Submission of your video also gives the GripBoard permission to post it on the Mash Monster YouTube site.
  • In addition, athletes certifying at Level 0 will receive by email a personalized Mash Monster Certificate to commemorate your feat that you pay to print at your discretion.


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