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Forearm size

Guest Wolffish1

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Guest Wolffish1

I started grip training last month.

I have lifted weights for 7 years (23 yrs old)

I already strained my tendon in my right index finger.

I want to gain size in my forearms and increase all areas of grip strength.

I have Brookfield's book and built alot of homemade equipment.

I need help in the technique of using a gripper. I have the Trainer, to start, and it feels very different going from left to right hands. Time of day is crucial to my ability ( topic in another post).

I also was wondering if weaver sticks are good for gaining forearm size. I made one which I could add olympic plates to , but i could only use a 2.75 lb plate. It is around 30 inches long and 1.75" in diameter ( handle width).

I am new and already hurt but it feels good, the swelling went down and I have full use, just a little weak.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you very much

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A few quick answers as its 5.18am local time.

Most of these points are covered in the vast database of previous questions.

Do Not Train grip too much. I only do 2 sesssions a week. I have never strained anything hand wise. A blister from time to time but no strains.

Grip strength increases and the methods used to get them does not always compute into size increases. I have gained a lot of strength and do much more weight and work than before - but my forearm stays the same size 14.25 inches.

Time of day: this is the same with work of any kind, esp weights.

Weaver Sticks: No, short answer I know. I'm (hopefully still) the World Record Holder with 7.55 kilos and as a weightlifting movement it is a No. However, you might try the Lever bar movement to work the inner and outer forearms after reverse and normal forearm curls for muscle size. Same movements worked differently :)

Hope this helps...

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Both, arm out straight with wrist flexed. Using a crooked arm its over 15, but this is a cheating method giving a false reading. Wrist is a little under 8 inches (so the 18-inch arm you reminded me about is just poss)

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My forearm size is 14 1/2" unflexed.

Bodyweight:  230

Height:  5' 10"

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Because of my height (6'1) my forearms do look skinny but last time I checked they were dead on 15 inches.  The grip work and forearm work has helped a lot and given then a good shape, but a bit more bulk would be good.  

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For a fun comparison to demonstrate how

2.5 times the wrist measurement will give

you a world class forearm circumference, try

this: measure the fattest part of your thumb,

multiply by 2.5. Is this figure close to your

wrist circumference?

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