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#3 For Reps

Guest Bullitt

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If you pay attention you will see that since i update i add if the reps are made with a block set or not.

Then why does mine not state 20mm block set?

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CoC # 4

Dave Morton 4 reps http://www.gripboard...cmd=si&img=2413

Tim Struse 3 reps


Ioan Cristian Puscasu 32 reps

Teemu I 12 reps http://www.youtube.c...h?v=zxxMxva-33w

Juha Harju 4 reps (20 mm block)

Jordan Rechsteiner 3 reps


Juha Harju 5 reps (20 mm block)

Magnus 4 reps http://www.youtube.c...h?v=jyvT3qYXBXg

HG 350

Dimiean Eduard Valentin 2 reps

CoC #3

Ioan Puscasu 66 reps

Gabriel 40 reps

Paul Knight 38 reps

Juha Harju 20 reps (20 mm block)

Acorn 19 reps

Martin Arildsson 19 reps

CoC#3 17 reps

Magnus 17 reps

Dimiean Eduard Valentin 11 reps

Tommy Heslep 10 very wide reps http://www.cyberpump...ery/albun02/aaa

Izman 9 rep

Golgotha 8 reps

Bencrush 8 reps http://www.youtube.c...h?v=yqIXS3rK0mU

Bullitt 8 reps http://www.youtube.c...?v=WhJ0tGTWS7A.

Lukeamdman 7 reps

Geralt 4 reps

Autolupus 4 reps (20 mm block)

Draught-Player 3 reps (20 mm block)

Thearm95 3 reps

Kormaz 2 reps

Cannon 2 reps http://www.youtube.c...h?v=8j_w0iW54BU

CoC # 2.5

Ioan Cristian Puscasu 100 reps

Izman 36 reps

CoC #2

Izman 87 reps

Juha Harju 51 reps (20 mm block)

Malice 35 reps

Singles: 1 minute per rep max. (ie. 20 singles can take no more than 19 minutes since first one starts the clock)


Acorn 9 singles in 1 minute 8 seconds http://www.youtube.c...h?v=YNKsn51dnt4

Magnus 7 singles in 6 minutes


Ben Edwards 137 singles in 60 minutes

Tommy Heslep 55 singles in 54 minutes

Magnus 52 singles in 23 minutes - The aftermath... http://www.gripboard...97_977_6681.jpg

CoC#3 50 singles in 14 minutes - The aftermath... http://www.gripboard..._730_114270.jpg

Bullitt 23 singles in 22 minutes

Hammy 6 singles in 5 minutes

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Wow, 20 reps with the 20mm block between every rep!! That is amazing!!

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Juha, how many reps mms can you do with a #3? Straight MMS no blocks inbetween?

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Juha Harju

Juha, how many reps mms can you do with a #3? Straight MMS no blocks inbetween?


I havent tried because some of reps could start under parallel and I wouldn´t like if someone laughs: "WOW, man you do minireps". :shutup:

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