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In honor of august johnson

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Well today I was hanging out and my thoughts drifted to my copy of MOHS, by John Brookfield.  I remembered the chapter on manual labor and thick handled tools.  Then I looked a my Turk from PDA.  Usually I only use my Turk for heavy single deads but today would be different.

I remembered Brookfield writing about August Johnson, the iceman who carried a 32lb bag of coins for 1 mile.  This is unbelievable if you have ever tried it.  

I figured I'd go for a stroll.  So I stripped my Turk of weight and went for a 30 min. walk.  I had to switch hands throughout the walk.  My arms are shredded from the elbows to my fingertips.  I probable won't be able to work my grip for a few days.

I know this isn't nessarily going to help for power but it won't make my hands weaker either.  What a pump and what fatigue.  Mabey when I can carry it for a mile without switching hands I can shoot for that 32lb bag. (the Turk weighs about 23lbs.)


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I've taken their wrench out when walking my dogs. I would carry it unti I had to switch hands and inevitably, before I could return home it would tear itself from my grasp. My street has ding marks in the pavement from the wrench crashing into it.   :)

However, I believe that my exuberance with this block of steel is what caused my tendonitis and forced me to take a two month layoff.   :(

I'm using it now again, with no problems, but have now been training my grip and hands for almost two years. It takes a while for tendons to get used to the strain of the thick handles.

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