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Workout 11-01-02

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Today was supposed to be thick bar/wrist curls.  I started w/some light dead lifts (French style) w/225lbs (2" bar).  I did about 4x5 then moved onto RT.  Worked up to a single at 216lbs - failed at 221lbs.

Moved to rack holds w/a 2" bar, French style.  My back is weak so I only have to pull 4 or 5" to lock out.  I worked up to a failure (only pulled it about 1" or so off the rack) at 495lbs.  Awesome job to Chris James pulling 500+ from the ground.

I also did some hub lifting w/plates.  I was able to pull 40lbs (35 w/2 2.5's on it), but missed the 45lb plate.

I finished the workout w/some farmers walks, lifting plates by the rims w/my fingers.  I was able to do about 20ft w/~150lbs in each hand.  I really enjoy this as it's an excellent hand exercise.

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