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Update on weekly grip workouts

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I thought I would post my grip training schedule these days:


this is the workout where I'm strongest, recovered from the week-end; basically, for each exercise, I warm up and then make 3-4 maximum attempts:

- grippers,

- "narrow" 2' pinching (one or two handed). max (2 hands) slightly above 80kg on my device.

- weaver stick to rear and to front

- nail bending: no more than 2 hard nails.

- plate curls.

- sometimes: reverse thumbless curls: 3 sets of 5.

- finish: heavy farmers walk (for me, 80kg per hand).

sometimes I will add one set of wrist rolling.


- bouldering

- thick-handled kettlebells snatches: 50 per arm with a 25kg kb.


- grippers (1-2 hard attempts after warm-up, and I close the #2 as fast as I can once in a while during the workout (about 20-25 times total)

- wide pinching.

- 3' RT-like lift.

- thick weaver stick.

- some kb "grind" moves.

- some endurance


- bouldering


- short endurance kb workout

I will generally adapt these workouts if I feel some muscles/tendons are starting to feel fragile. Because of the high volume that happens sometimes.

If I don't go climbing, I sometimes do some grippers day with about 3 mini-workouts with 1 hard attempt each.



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