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Guest Virgman2

At Sybersnot's request I am posting this.

I haven't done much previous grip training like you all do.

I have ordered a COC #3 which should arrive next week.  It is suggested to start with the lighter models but I am too cheap to buy all those.  I have a couple grippers from the sporting goods store of which the harder one I can do about 50-60 times.  The COC sounds like it has car springs in it.

I have a Jubinville plateloader grip machine that I can do 130lbs with each hand.  It is big enough for 45 Oly plates and has an 11 inch spindle so it could hold over 400 lbs.  It cost $60.  You can still buy equipment from Ed Jubinville's son in Michigan.  Far as I know they don't have a website which is curious.  They are missing the boat in that regard.

I tried some pinching and did 50lbs each hand on two 25 plates on a spare dumbell bar.   Also made a pinch block 3" wide out of  two 2x4 pieces cut 6" long with an eyebolt screwed in the bottom.  With this I could get 55lbs each hand.

Right now I'm doing the grip work twice a week at the end of my regular  3 times a week workout.  I just work up to a max single on the grip machine and then one negative with more weight as a finisher.

For the pinches I work up to a max single.

Sometimes a do a wrist roller at the end with light weight to a burnout set.

That's it.

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