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Need help with my grip routine

Guest Griptrainer

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Guest Griptrainer

Hello everyone. I frequently visit the boards here and find them extremely useful. I've a lot about grip training and so far it has worked well for me. However, i'm starting up a new weigh training new routine and I need some advice on how to implement my grip training with this routine. Here is my workout scheme:





Calf work

Neck/Grip work

For grip work, i was thinking of doind deadlift lockouts with some weaver stick lifts. And some COC trainer and #1 work.




Military Press

Chin ups

Barbell curls

Side bends

Neck/Grip work

Grip work. Wanted to do some pinch gripping and some reverse curls. Need some help here on other possible suggestions.

Finally, I would like to add one more day of grip training. However, not sure when to actually do it. Does anyone have some suggestions on which day to train? Maybe Saturday? Also, what other exercises should I include?

And lastly. A question of sets. Whats a good number of sets to do per exercise? i.e., pinch gripping, deadlift lockouts, weaver stick work, COC work?

Thanks everyone. I look forward to your replies.


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I am no grip master by any means (more of a grip misses it's so weak..no offense to the ladies BTW) but what I've done is kinda honed in on the CoC's. I dropped the pinching because I felt it was interfering with my CoC progress. Every Sat. I do heavy farmers walk and wrist roller for my accessory grip work. During the restof the week I do a modified, if you will Wannagrip workout using 2 days on 1 day off. Sometimes I'll do multiple sessions on one of those days on the weekend. My workout looks like this:

*4-5 quick single attempts (not a maximum effort)with the T. I can't even close the T until the 5th attempt and sometimes not even then because it takes me a while to warm up but I don't care cause I'm just warming up.

Next are a few casual attempts with the #1. After an attempt (whether I close it or not) I go right to the T and it closes like squishing a marshmellow. After a minute or 2 rest I go for the 1 with max effort and usually get it. I then make a few more single attempts with the 1 keeping in mind not to overdue it. If the 1 is closing easy, I'll take a go at the 2 which is 3/4 of the way. I know I won't get it but I go for it and make a forced close and then I go to the 1 and can usually pound 3 full closes in a row with no problem. This "attempt" to close a higher number and then immediately going to the lower level has made it very easy for me to make closes. Give it a shot and see if it helps. I think my hands are more warmed up and I'm more ready to CRUSH the #### thing that the lower poundage doesn't even have a chance :)

I'm going for the 2 and hoping to close the bastage  in the next few month's. I'll be ordering the 3 in a month or so.

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