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Vansart's death date


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Does anyone have any info on what year

Vansittart/Vansart died. A specific date would

be wonderful. All I have ever seen was a

reference that he was age 70 in 1938, and that

was in an article by Pullum in Mr. America Oct 1962.

Gaudreau says Vansart was born in London in


Can anyone help? Thanks. If so I guarantee airline

tickets and hotel room on the occasion when I close

the #4. Don't pack just yet...

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According to the latest issue of IRON GRIP, he was born in 1896.  If that is the case, then he would be 70 years of age in 1966 - not 1938.  In the latest issue of IRON GRIP, the article did not list his official date of death.

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I knew it was a typo- someone with your attention

to detail.

But if it took a typo to get you to say hello,

then please screw up some more, David. Otherwise,

I will grab your hand and squeeze it till you beg for


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I think I'll squeeze David's head 1,869 times for making that mistake!  But thanks for correcting it here.  Hey, that's why I like this board!!  :)

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