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Pancake Sprawl
i have a question, does doing grip work make your hands thicker? like can your hands become more muscular and your fingers thicker?

yes :cool

thank you, glad to hear that.

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omg this guys entire arm looks inhuman. his hands, wrists, forearms, biceps and shoulders all look like they belong to a gorilla, they don't even look real. that is amazing arm development

maybe he ran away from some laboratory? :whacked maybe this some hybrid gorilla and human? :laugh

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This is good to know .. Warren just thought it was extremely challenging to close a #3 with 7.5" paws (or less) because of "setting" the gripper. This is great to know. Great info guys !

Not that I'm anywhere near closing a #3 but Ive always had trouble closing grippers without setting because my hands are only 6in.

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