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Andre The Giant http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/pictures/a/andre/71.jpg 16 inch ???????????????????????????

Hand -16 inches

Forearms- 17 inches

Wrist -11 inches

Biceps - 21 inches

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Wow this is great stuff!!!! one of my favorite info posts ever! I just ran into an original pic of the largest Heavyweight World Champ boxer of long ago Primo Carnera a "near" giant with tremendous hands. If anyone else has stuff like that I would be interested in getting some original pics of hand giants for our strength room display. Please contact me direct. RS

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Andre must have big hands even for someone his size! He was around 7'1"-7'3" wasn't he? I don't remember but it looks to me like his hands may be 11-12" which would be proportional for a true GIANT like Leonid Standvik. If he has 11" wrists then it would be surprising for him to have 11-12" hands if you look at the Biometrics thread.

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heres a big guy too from finnish.... väinö myllyrinne Frigging huge hands he got....

pic of his hand... small hand

I live in same village that Väinö lived. Here goes many stories about his huge size and what he did.

They tell that he used to drive with his VW Beetle from it´s backseat :D

And something about his hands size tell that he can lift this kind of stool from it´s face. Not heavy but 12"(30cm) diameter.


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