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Wrist roller - a few questions


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Hello everyone

Recently, I've been training quite a lot with the good ole' wrist roller. Today, though, as I

was doing the rolling as usual, I noticed I was thinking of couple of things regarding this exercise.

I would like to ask all of you, do you think it is wise to train *BOTH* wrist flexion and extension the same day?

Does training in the other hinder one's strength so much that it would be wise to train flexion and extension on separate days?

My other question regarding this exercise is about the thickness of the roller. Which one, in your opinion is better,

a really thick roller or a thin one?

Your opinions please

Thanks for your time

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In my opinion, flexors and extensors of the

forearm should be trained in the same session,

beginning with the flexors for a safe warmup.

The diameter of the roller should be whatever

allows your middle finger and thumb to nearly

touch, so thicker bar. And as mentioned before,

I prefer wrist twists to wrist rolling- that is,

my hand never releases the roller until the set

is done. So the roller simply pivots back and

forth, never makes complete circles, and the weights

only rise and fall two orthree inches.

Also, I prefer a torque wrist roller. In the center

of a length of pipe either use fittings or weld a

perpendicular length of pipe (or bar) to hold the

plates. Obviously, the longer this bar the less

weight you'll be able to twist upward. All this should

be on a stand, and when twisting toward your body

for the flexors, you may have to use one arm at a

time so the weights don't hit your body- but so long

as the bar holding the plates is shorter than your

straight arm length, this won't be a problem. I plan

to make one of these soon.

One other thing, the roller that you grasp should be

very rough in texture because this is not a hand

exercise but a forearm exercise.

Just my preferences.

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As I have said before, I blast my complete arms in one set.  I start with the extensors because they are the weakest and finish with the flexors.  By training the weaker one first they made the flexors tired meaning the same weight can be used with great effect.  Just my preference but there are hundreds of ways.  I also microload with magnets and am using just over 16 kilos, I have not been doing it that long.  I have never really thought about what Roark said about the rough surface.  Now I come to think of it that is right.  

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