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November first was a chosen day for some

significant happenings in grip matters:

Nov 1, 1878 in New York Dr. Dudley Allen Sargent opened his gym, and can't we just imagine all the

wondrous thick handled objects that passed thru

there in the ensuing years, and all the stars of

strength that signed that guest book!

Nov 1, 1907 Warren Lincoln Travis according to The

Super Athletes, accomplished several lifts, including

the (believeable?) two fingers lift of 1,105 lbs at a

bodyweight of 185. There were several witnesses

at the Brooklyn Athletic Club that day, so the question

becomes what style did he use? Was this a real lift

of a Travis-ty of one?

Nov 1, 1921 I wish Ed Jubinville were here today to

celebrate his 80th birthday, but he died Oct 6, 1993

immediately after completing a set of lat pulldowns.

About 100 of his hand grippers were manufactured,

if you own one you have a very rare item. If you knew

Ed you own a cherished memory. A wonderful,

wonderful man who could not be bought or influenced

by the politics of our game. At one famous bodybuilding

show where Ed served as judge, the promoter mentioned that a lot of money had been spent promoting a certain bodybuilder and it would be

fitting if that man won. Ed understood the message and

said, 'No problem, he will win then. IF HE IS THE BEST

MAN ON STAGE'. I have never heard anyone say a bad

word about Mr. Ed Jubinville. I miss you, sir.

Nov 1, 1931 Goerner performed a very tricky lift: He

upright rowed 264.5 lbs, and then while the barbell

was at his shoulders, he switched his hands so that

his palms were UPWARD. He was age 40 at the time.

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Guest todd_xxxx

A quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your posts.  Your obvious love for the grip game is applauded, at least by me.  Thanks for sharing information with us that we would have next to no chance of obtaining otherwise.

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I second that!!  Well done, Roark!!  :)

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Thanks fellas,

I have been reading the muscle mags since 1957,

and organizing material since 1970.

My real area of specialty is bodybuilding since I am

the historian for the IFBB men's division, but my

passion has always been the strongman era of

1880-1915, particularly in grip strength, and one

arm lifting.

At first I hestitated to post history here because

in bodybuilding, history does not seem to be of much

interest; here is does. So, as long as the moderators

do not object, I'll keep mentioning key events relevant

to specific days.

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I think that the moderators were probably just as pleased as we were when you joined this forum and began sharing some of your knowledge with us. Beyond that, on many occasions your posts have led to a great deal of debate (ie. Inch Dumbell) which is what the board is for. Also, it is hard to discuss things if we don't know the facts, as near as can be known.

Chris McCarthy

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