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Guest woody36

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Have not looked into his lifts very much. He was

written about in ironman May 1997 and June 1997.

Anytime the G book of World Records starts listing

unofficial strength feats, look out!

When they list official lifts, fine.

They managed to mangle facts about bodybuilding's

Olympia winners, and have helped further the

Anderson backlift fiasco.

The lifts done under controlled conditions interest

me, the anecdotal tales do not. One red flag is that

his resting heart rate 24 hours after one of his feats

was so high! Why would that be?

But I'll do some checking.

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Guest StrongerthanArne


The high heart beat rate would almost certainly be a result of dehydration. Several years ago I did some field work in the outback of Western Australia, and one day it was particularly hot, around 40 C. All my Aussie friends were wise enough to drink water whereas I drank beer. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling somewhat ill. My heart rate was between 190-210. By the middle of next day, and after drinking 6-7 litres of water it was down to around 140. It did not return to normal levels until the next day.


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You may well be right, but it would seem odd than

given the circumstances of Olesen's efforts, one

would suppose hydration would be handy. Perhaps

not. I must admit I had no idea dehydration could

cause such a condition.

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Tyrannosaurus Dave

Well, I recall that Jack Walsh is credited with lifting 732 lbs with one finger back in the 50's, so this site saying that 704 is the greatest one finger lift in history may be a bit exaggerated.   Oh well, maybe this guy's in a different federation.  It's too bad we don't know more about Mr. S. Weeks, who claimed 760 with a highly padded finger ring.  Tdave

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It was supposedly on this date, Nov 5, 1907 that

W.L. Travis did a one finger lift of 667 lbs.

It appears that different lifters used different

types of apparatus when performing finger lifts,

and some allowed the hand to rest against the thigh.

It strikes me that one finger lifts by simply using

one finger around a bar, would be the true test;

not some padded ring. This would be very painful

and very, very much less weight would be 'accom-


It seems that one finger lifts are the most vague

category to judge due to the lack of standardization.

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