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Horseshoes are easy

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Well, it has been a long time since my last post. I have been BUSY working fulltime as a highschool teaacher, ASB director, and taking 18 units per semester to finish my credential and Master's degree. But, the degree/credential behind me, I now have much more time to view and post. (long intro I know, but it's been awhile).

Now, I have continued to bend 60d nails every week since I have first been able to perform this feat, but I had to stop there due to time constraints. Until recently, that is. I went out last week, to the feed and pet store nearby and found horse shoes for sale. I bought 4 #8 forged steel shoes , from "Thorobred" for $8.00 and took them home. My wife insisted on putting one above our door (grrrr, the price one pays for being allowed to indulge in one's hobbies) but the other three, I bent. And I mean BENT! I practically wadded them up. They were far easier than the 60d nails, though they were harder than 40d nails. The first bend was done holding the shoe in front of my chest and simply gripping one bar in each hand and pushing in toward the middle. This created an "S" shape. I then gripped the center of the shoe with my left and bent the arm/bar with the right and folded it over, which also twisted the steel in corkscrew fasion. I did that with both sides and it created a heart-like shape in the end. NO two shoes bent exactly the same way, but they all had the same difficulty. I then found another horse shoe at a western shop. It was used ($2.00) but it was still thick and shiny. the size said "00" on the stamp and it said it was forged steel. I bent it also on my first try. It was a bit harder than the ones from the feed store (it was thicker), but it was still far easier than the 60d. I think it has to do with  leverage. Anyways, it is a lot of fun, and I am determined to find as many Horseshoes as possible and bend the crap out of them!

Has anyone else been bending horse shoes?

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