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This morning's wrist curl workout; after warmups:

185 x 2,  205 x 2,  215 x 1, then back to 185 for 8.

My goal is 225 x 6 by the end of the year, so I am

creeping toard 225 for 1, and will then increase the reps

at 225 till I get the six.

In previous workouts I had overdone the reps of the

warmups, now I go as high as I can then drop back to

185 and rep out- when I reach ten with 185, I will add

5 lbs, etc.

Hopefully when I can go 200 for ten, that will equate to

225 for 1 rep. I am posting this to keep me on track and

on schedule, realizing that there are some on this board

Miller Lite years ahead of me...but we each do what we can do.

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I straddle the bench lengthwise, put my wrists

over my knees. If the weight is near my limit,

I use the ratchet method to get it in place, then

begin from there. When I reach failure, I put the bar

back onto the bench.

I seldom perform biceps curls-usually hammer curls,

or, more directly for biceps- the Nautilus curl machine.

My strength level is probably below average. And I

have never sought to improve biceps in a meaningful

effort because my biceps don't have much potential.

There's enough gap between my elbow and my flexed

bicep for Jay Leno to rest his chin there!

This morning's wrist curl workout: After warmups,

155 x 6, 185 x 2, 205 x 2, 220 x 1, then failed to get

225 for 1 rep. If I had tried 225 before stopping at

220, I think I could have managed a rep- that is what

I plan to try next workout. Then I dropped back to

190 for six reps. So much of this is a mind game.

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Your wrist curl poundage’s impress me, they are definitely much higher then my own.  I notice you do a lot of warm-ups and I too feel this is necessary with wrist curls.  My wrists feel like they're going to snap if I don't do at least 4 progressive warm-up sets before jumping into my top sets.  Sometimes I find that no matter how many warm-ups I do my wrists still hurt.  Do you experience this?  

Anyway, good job so far and best of luck with your goals.  Maybe if I keep improving we can race to 315+? :hehe

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I have been exercising with weights since 1956-

1957, and the only times Injury ever happened to me

was when I ignored proper warmups.

As I have grown older warmups are an absolute

must! Especially in wrist curls. I start with the

empty bar, then 95, 115, 135, 160, 185 etc. The

160 is my benchmark- how that feels tells me how

heavy to go that day.

After I peak with my single rep, I drop back to

185 or 190 and get as many reps as I can. I really

believe that this final set is where the progress is made-

and it feels light after the heavy single.

Just as important as warmups is no yanking or sudden

movements in wrist curls.

Years ago I remeber how proud I was when I managed one rep with 95 lbs. You didn't mention your poundages, but

slow and steady progress- good luck!

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