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Henry's inch bell replica measured

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The Inch bell replica that was lifted by Mark Henry at this years Old Time Strongman's dinner has returned home via stone lifter and author Steve Jeck. I found a new doctor scale (checked it with calibrated Eleiko certified competition plates) and the bell was weighed, removed, and re weighed three times at dead on 172 3/4 lbs (172lb 12 oz.) Then, with a dial caliper (accurate to one thousanth of an inch) took three measurements of handle diameter along the length of 2.484",2.473",and 2.475" (average 2.47") I carefully wound a steel tape around the middle of the handle and scratch marked the two passing ends with a scribe and then measured the stretched out length with the dial caliper to find the circumference of 7.811". This is the best I can do in the interest of Iron Game history I hope it answers some questions. It will be on display along with the Grip Gauntlet for any of my grip friends to see, lift, or just enjoy at my office in Columbia SC.

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Well, at least Mr. Roark is finally satisfied!  Happy now?

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Thanks guys! I Guess the effort was worth it. As an aside I lugged the Inch replica( that Henry lifted at the Arnold Classic) to Las Vegas at the National Strength Coaches Assoc. show and out of the 2000 strength visitors none lifted or even cleared the ground with the bell. (with a 50 dollar prize on it) I also had a warmup Inch handle that the highest lift an EASY crotch high lift of 169 1/2 was done.Then, when that same coach tried the Inch replica it didnt even stir.......Magnus Sammulsen visited for a while and showed me his new scar....same as mine from a recent bicep tear. They did a good job fixing it and he seems ready to go again.At a previous show he lifted the replica with a cupped, thumbless grip quite easily several attempts.

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That is an amazing story- the Inch handle and the Inch

replica virtually the same weight; former easily, what, two

feet off the ground, and the latter remaining by the

two feet of the lifter on the ground.

Steve Gardener, as I recall, worked up to 212 lbs on the

handle before he could deadlift the Inch.

You have just discouraged those who think that by

rehearsing on a handle at about 172 they are ready

for the Big Show.

I suppose that coach, after the handle lift, was planning

on supersizing a steak for supper that night with your


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As has been said before, on a plate loaded Inch handle you can brace your lower forearm against the inside plate. This

stops rotation and also means you can lift the bell backend up

first. The only way to more closely simulate the solid Inch is to lift it cleanly and to not make contact with anything other

than the handle. It is a good idea to mimic the globe shape by using smaller plates on the outsides working up to the largest plate in the middle.

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I find, with the length of handle on a globed 'bell' that you can wedge your hand against a globe to prevent the same happening. One of the guys here, who has studied physics, did a better job than me in describing how the more dense mass of a globed bell is harder to lift than a plate loaded bell.

It why I am convinced, all things considered, that I need around 270 for my 228pounds bell.

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I agree with all of you! Seems that more careful insight,and research is included in the statements of late not the typical emotional based opinions that muddy the waters of truth. BTW Sir Roark the coach got the 50$ for his efforts......hope he enjoyed his steak!Lots of fun!

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