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Hand/wrist Size


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Thanks for all the replies, if everyone could continue with the stats it's be great! Does ANYBODY have TOMMY HESLEPS stats?? I think he's one or maybe the best gripper in the world, it'd be interesting to know more on his profile. The video of him doing a left and right hand #3 at the same time is incredible!

I think he was under 170 when he certed for the #3 at least. He later said he was working his lower back a lot and got up to 180. I think he's 5'10", and he has competed in the "small hands group" in one of those contest where they divide the small handed from the big handed, so his hands must be 7-something. That's all I could guess :tongue

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Guest Bonzi
Hand size 10"

:blink That's what you call giant.



13" forearms

7 1/8" wrists

7 1/8" hand

MMS'd #2 both hands(FEELS easy everytime I do it but really isn't)

TNS 1.5

Obviously I'm going to be of the "Little hands can do just as good" front but it really doesn't matter how big your hands are. You could use it as an excuse to not train but why? It's just that much more of a challenge and if your into a good challenge(as I am) then grip training and bending are for you! GENETICS ONLY DETERMINE SIZE! This subject is a pet peave of mine. You can't just look at someone strong and immediatly tell yourself you'll never get there becasue your too small or too weak. Everyone starts somewhere plain and simple.

Don't cut yourself short, dude. God put you here for a reason. Maybe it was to close a COC #5 or beyond. Cheers.

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However if the best 150lb guy in the world can do a #2.5 then I'd tell other 150lb guys that they should be aiming at a #2.5 because it's within their group.

I don't agree with this. If all you strive for is what the "best guy in the world" in his supposed "group" has accomplished, how does anyone ever expect to surpass that? I understand one may want to use it as a reference point, but I just think those stats should help to motivate you to bring out the best of your potential. It shouldn't cause you to have any limits by thinking you, yourself couldn't possibly do equal to or better than what the best in the world is doing. Because you don't know what you can do without giving it your all.

Height : 6ft

Weight : 200lbs.

Hand size : 7½"

Wrist size : 6 3/8"

Forearm (not flexed) : 12"

When I was training with grippers (about a year ago - I'm mostly bending now) my best was COC 2 (right hand only). About 1/8" from getting it with my left hand.


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My hands are 8.1''. My wrists are just under 8.5''. I weigh 115kg or 255lbs at around 5'8'' or 5'9''.

My best gripper close is a CoC#3.5.

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What's up guys? First Post.

Age: 20

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 163

Hand Size: 7" 3/4

Wrist: 6" 7/8

Forearm: 12" 7/8

Skinny guy with long, skinny fingers. Recently just closed the #2. Working on repping that. Starting doing this stuff in January, G/F bought me a gripper.

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height 5' 10 - weight 212 - hand 7 1/4 - wrist 8 1/8 - forearm(not flexed) - 14 1/8. best close is a BBSM 1 time. hopefully close the #3 by the end of the year. we need to just make the most of what we got and train like theres no tomorrow.

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Height: 5'11

weight: 86kg

bicep: 14.5"

wrist: 6.8 inches

forearm: 14" (wrist & arm straight)

hands: 6.8", with very short fingers

I can TNS the 1.5 with both hands.

HG250 left handed, very close on my easier No.2

IM Hard No.2 CCS or wider with my right hand, only managed to "no-set" it the once.

RB260N and the RB210 right handed with a reasonable set and i can get a IM No.3 to about 3/4 of an inch sometimes.

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Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 230

Bicep: 16.5"

Wrist: 7.5"

Forearm: 13"

Hands: 7 5/8"

Have MMS closed my #2 with my left a couple times

Have TNS closed it right handed maybe twice. Can MMS it very easy right. Still shy of closing my 2.5.

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height: 6' 1"

weight: 198

hand: 7 7/8

wrist at the smallest point right next to hand: 7" exactly

forearm cold (elbow straight/wrist flexed): 12 7/8"

Gripper PRs: (MMS)

'06 #3x1 (haven't missed it for several weeks now)


- Duncan

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height: 6'0

weight: 175

hand: 9.5" (hard to measure, depends on whether pressed flat, relaxed, etc.)

wrist: 6.75" (tiny)

forearm: 12" almost exactly - flexed

No set closed brand new #1 (right and left), am currently to about 5/16" on the #2 (right hand) and about 1/4" more gap with the left

Shouldn't we do hand length somehow? I have a feeling that matters a lot esp. on whether you can no set close something.

Hand length from wrist crease to top of middle finger: 7.75"

Hand span from pinky to end of thumb, fully extended: 9"

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One thing I thought of recently about the hand size is the following: for a given hand size, say 7.5", it makes a difference if you have a long palm or long fingers. It's easier to get long fingers aroudn the gripper handles, and I think this would be most pronounced with credit-card-set work.

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That's true, well if people want to add that, I measured 3.25" for my middle finger and 4.5" from there to the wrist crease (palm length). I'd edit it in but it looks like there is a time limit.

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Might as well add mine in for fun.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 175

Hand: 8.25"

Wrist: 6.75"

Forearm: 11"

Just started grip training this year and I only have a CoC #2...which I can almost close now (about 1/8" away). I don't do any other exercises - just squeezing the #2 a couple times a week.

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Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180

Hand: 7.5"

Wrist: 6.75"

Forearm: 11.25" (arm straight, wrist flexed)

The best gripper I can close is the #2

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On 4/15/2007 at 12:30 PM, acorn said:

I may be wrong, but I thought Clay Edgin had 7 1/2" hands

- Aaron

Naah. Under 8 though. I don't remember, 7 7/8ths? Seemed like they were the same size as mine...

Sorry. I thought this was more recent post. Whoops.

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