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Two of Our Greatest Lifters


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Charles Rigoulot, the French lifter, was born on

this date in 1903, and became the first man to

follow Apollon in lifting the railcar wheels. Rigoulot

lifted them on March 3, 1930, so he was only age


On November 3, 1905, Arthur Saxon performed a

two hands any how lift totaling 445. 33 pounds.

Saxon's skill in this lift has never been matched;

it was as though the lift was invented for his body

proportions, and, of course, wondrous strength.

Saxon frequently bent pressed his two brothers,

who were seated in a basket-like apparatus. So

anyone doubting his bent pressing ability should note

that Willoughby estimated the brothers plus basket

totaled about 370 lbs; Liederman estimated 363-368

lbs. And Arthur was capable of bringing about 150 lbs up to the shoulder and overhead while maintaining

some heavy right hand bent presses, so the

445.33 is totaling within his realm.

Regarding another occasion when Saxon purportedly

bent pressed 386. This has been doubted by some

by was not doubted by Bill Klein, Apollo, and John

Murray who witnessed the lift, and Klein signed an

affidavit assuring he witnessed it and that he himself

weighed the bell at 386. A photo of this signing appears

in Health & strength Sep 11, 1957 p 37.

In the almost century since Saxon's prime, we have

not yet seen his equal in the bent press. He had what

seems to be 'strength on call'.

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Arthur Saxon was the greatest strongman IMHO.  I love reading about him, and never tire learning about his many feats of strength.  I have read the book Saxon wrote called, "The Development Of Physical Power" where he relays that on December 12th, 1905 he pressed 370 pounds with one hand.  Amazing!   :)

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