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1st Australian Gripathon!

Nick McKinless

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I am going to be holding the first Australian Gripathon at my house in April.

ENTRY FEE - Just don't be a pussy...come and lift hard!!!

TIME - I'll be lifting from 11 onwards, come anytime between then and 4pm.

WHERE - PM me.

WHEN - TBA but probably the one of the last 2 weeks in April.

I am going to have the following events...

Grippers - left and right

1 Hand Pinch - left and right

2 Hands Pinch

2 1/2" DB lift - right and left

Thumbless One Hand Deadlift - left and right

One Hand Deadlift (no hook) - left and right

One Hand Deadlift (hooked) - left and right

2" Overhand Deadlift

V-Bar - right and left

2" V-Bar - right and left

Middle Fingers Clean and Press

3" DB lift - right and left

Reverse Curl

Hammer Lever

Claw Curl Deadlift

H-Bar Curl

Wrist Curl on knees

Supination - left and right

Pronation - left and right

Extensor lift - left and right

Weaver stick front - left and right

Weaver stick rear - left and right

F/Walk 2"


4" Wrist Roller


You can come and compete on all of them or just some of them. No rules as such and NO RECORDS will be claimed. We'll judge if the lift is good on the day between us.

I'll have an Inch DB, Blob, Euro Pinch and V-bar and also strongman gear to play with in between events!!

All welcome...bring a camera, superglue, lots of enthusiasm plus beer and food!


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Excelent day!

I've done 2 of these before and boy is it fun, and you get a great feeling when you've finished it.

Have fun guys, get along to Nick's!


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WOW - I got tired just reading it - that sounds like what a get together is supposed to be like. Tons of different things all going on - a chance for everyone to do their best event and try new things as well - darn shame you're half way round the world.

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