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What's In Your Collection De Grip?


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John Beatty
800lbs demolition ball.

That is the coolest thing I've ever heard. I'd be building a platform to stand on so you could do a Bavarian type DL or Hip lifts.

I'm glad to see I share a level of nuttiness with many here.

-Grippers - HG 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500

-IM - #1, #2, filed #2, #3, #4

-RB - 180, 210, 240

-BB - M, GM, GE, Pro


-Mountains of bending stock & bolts - I don't just own the company, I'm a customer...lol

8' flat stock for scrolling



pexter's stainless RT Type handle

kettlebells from 4kg-32kg

scale weights

the Bomb

2", 2.5", 3" DB's

154 & 172 Inch replica's

pinch blocks

1200lbs of weights

stacks of phone books

piles of horseshoes

2" Apollon's Axle

eagle loops

twist yo wrist

rings for ring lifts

steel traffic cone

misc hex's

Blobs - 22.5, 30, 35, 37.5, 42.5, 45. Blob50

Farmers carry implements

a few oddities in the DB cutoffs


It's a bit disturbing when you list it.....

Well I've added:

RB 300N, BB super galaxy, Hammar Sports Vice gripper, A big pile of mechanic's parts catalogs, they are great, tougher paper by far & 1.5-2+" thick. Lots of CRS flat bar, lots of bigger HRS round, a one handed person lift platform, forgot to list my Hercules' hold apparatus.

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Strongman metal log 11.5" 92kilos empty.

11.5" farmers cylinders 72kilos each empty.

6 beer barrels/kegs from 45k to120k.

home made power rack.

home made grip machine.

800lbs demolition ball.

2x 90kilos cement filled tires.

2x 65kilos cement filled tires.

home made grip machine.

titans telegraph key.

7ft x 2" solid steel barbell.

6ft x 2" solid steel barbell.

8ft x 2.5" solid steel barbell.

4ft x 3.5"revolving barbell.

4ft x 3" steel bar.

2 x 50kilos farmers walk suitcases.

Inch replica.


Loadable Blob.

Loadable inch d/bell.

Loadable 3"d/bell x 2.

50kilos solid 2 3/8" d/bell 3ft long.

55kilos solid 2.5" d/bell 3 ft long.

various block weights weighing 12lbs,28lbs,20k and 56lbs.

various stones natural.

various shot puts.

various thumb clamps.

2 x home made rolling thunder handles.

Anvil 102 kilos double horn.

Sledges 4lbs,7lbs,8lbs,10lbs,12lbs,16lbs.

a few grippers.

Pinch set up.

Stainless steel double wrist wrecker.

various other bits and pieces and lots of pipe/sleeving to make some more 2.5" and 3" stuff.

Ahh more than grip stuff listed there - I have loads more I didn't list which is not grip related. As for the 800lbs ball - try one hand lifting it :tongue

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Ok, deep breath, here goes:

Not Grippers

Rolling Thunder

R Ring

IM Pinch Block

Climber 511 2.5" DB Handle

Blob 30 (1/2 60lb york)

PDA 45 Blobette (loadable) (awaiting delivery)

LGC Vbar (1")

4 X 6" concerete cubes for pinching

2 X 6" concerete cubes for pinching with 5Kg plate gaffer taped on

4 X 5Kg plates gaffer taped together to make a block weight

6" X 6" X 37" Steel-reinforced concrete kerbstone for pinching

Don't Know Who's It Is Wrist Exerciser (wrist curl/reverse wrist curl simulator)

IM Bender's Bag

David Horne's Bending Trainer (w/multiple springs)

IM Expand Your Hand Bands

A set of Sandow's Spring Grip Dumbells

Grippers (gripper related)

Filled to # means # = width of handle remaining.

Ivanko Super Gripper

IM Close The Gap Straps

Gold's Gym adjustable gripper


280 filed to 2mm

Heavy Grip


250 filed to 3mm



400 #182

Bonecrusher Roberts

2 X 300

Robert Baraban

210 Cert

210 (black handles)

210 (from Pete Kerr)

240 Cert

240 N

260 N


Ironmind's Captains of Crush

#T filed to 10mm

#T abnormally wide spread (3 10/16 before we started) 10mm sawn from handle length, then filed to 11mm

#1 filed to 10mm


2 X #2


#3 (2007, with the new stamping)

#3 (rated as MM2)


#4 (2007, with the new stamping)


20Kg Blob

Baby Inch

HELP! If I try to buy any more grip stuff from you; SAY NO! I've got 2 rescue kittens to pay for this week!

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spahn ranch







All '07 and each as far as I can tell slot in pretty well on resistance.

A bag of Expand your Hand Bands.

800g balls used for dex drills.

One ISG with 4 springs; haven't used since I got this stash of CoCs

A large cast iron frying pan; a bag of leadshot attached to its loop for levering.

A bag of heavy stuff to pinch, hold and freestanding wrist-roll. Curls pretty much sick with it, so have to get something else for that; barbell be nice but that's a overkilling just for a decent curl.

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Crappy warmup gripper

COC 1 and 2

Two pinching blocks I made, although I only use one.

Sledgehammer-I need to use this more

Wow my collection is tiny. I wonder if I forgot anything...

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CoC T, F1, F1.5, 2, 2.5


RB 160, 180, 210

KBs, 2x16kgs, 24kg, 32kg

Loading pin

Homemade pinch blocks and baseball

plates for training and pinching

some stock for bending, which im not doing at the minute


2.5" dumbbell


20kg block weight

baby inch

not as much as i thought, but a lot more than the start of the year

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My collection:



















Ivanko SuperGripper

One Im Tug

Pinch tools

BeefBuilder Pincher

FBBC Block

Iromind's Hub

Wrist tools

Ironmind's Heavy Hammer II


David Horne's Wrist Developer

FBBC 2.5 inch Wrist Roller

Other tools


David Horne's One hand lift handle

Ironmind's Rolling Thunder

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i don't feel too bad after reading this thread...haha...


hg-150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400

IM 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3(old, feels a tad easier than my BBGM), 4


RB 160 filed, 180 filed, 240N filed, 210, 300N

Vbar, euro

IM eagle loops

Expand your hand bands

KB 24, 32, 40kg x1

7lb sledge

bolt cutters and assorted stock, mostly 60D nails

ISG, somewhere??


think that's it....wanna get a 2'' thick bar for DO deads though, we'll see....would buy more grippers, but until i close my 2006 3 on a consistent basis, why bother??



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I have a grip room in my garden, and this is whats inside:


IM: T, #1, #1.5, #2, #2.5, #3 (2005), #3 (2006), #3 (2007), #3.5, #4

BB: BBM, BBSM, BBGM (currently with pklidaras), BBE (on loan from pklidaras), MMG2 replica

RB: RB240N, RB300N, RB260, RB330N

HG: HG400, HG500

Other Grip stuff:

12" Standard IM loading pin

IM hub

FBBC 1" Vbar

Bunch of weights which i use for 2HP and hub pinch.

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I just started in July of this year but man is it addictive.

Here goes

Coc S, T, #1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3


Homemade hub and loading pin

Homemade 3" pinch block that attaches to loading pin

Homemade 2" pinch block that attaches to loading pin

The golfball with hole drilled through to train the LTF

hex block weights,20,25,30,37.5,40 lb.

A 4" x 3" x 17-1/2" solid piece of cold rolled steel wt. 60lb. just fun to lift

Homemade Atlantis type forearm machine

SW attached to the forearm machine

Homemade Titan type machine

Various plates for hub lifting and pinching

Im extensor bands

Hopefully soon to have a few York blobs

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T, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 (Imtug 3) HG300

Lots of steel (some FBBC)

Sledge hammer (6lb)

Rolling Thunder

twist your wrist (IM product)


and a load of home made stuff (or found)...

...plastic pipe (just over 2.5" diameter) for one hand lifts or carries

other pipe for wrist rolls

30lb stone for use as a block weight

old piece of wood (attach to weights via rope) - pinching

old bricks (attach to weights via rope)

tennis balls - crush


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Oh, well. Here it is:

At Hand

HG100, 200, and 300. COC #1, #2

IM Expand you hand bands

Lots of bent and some unbent steel, mostly from FBBC

8lb. sledgehammer

70 lb. dumbbell (soon to be a pair of hex blocks)

On the Way

1" vbar

pair of 45 lb. plates for hub-lifting (Dick's assures me they are coming in)

On my list...

COC T, #1.5, #2.5, #3

Loadable hub device

FBBC bomb

Rolling Thunder handle

Maybe a couple of blobs

A lot more steel to bend

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  • 2 months later...

Will take an inventory and pics tonight ... At last count 80+ Grippers.. My Collection mainly consisiting of:

Sandow Grip Dumbells.

All IM Grippers (2 of each, 3 and 4 of: IM 2 & 3's).

All IM Tugs.

All Beef Builders.

All Heavy Dutys (400 & 500).

2 PDA Grippers.

20+ Custom Barbans.

2 - Limited Edition Collectible Blue Baraban Grippers from Functional.

1- Limited Edition Collectible FireCracker Gripper from Functional.

2- WT Grippers (can't recall the numbers .. I think # 4 and something else).

2- Green Barabans.

2- Custom Tetting Long Handled Grippers for performing Negatives.

Several Cheap Sporting Good Grippers.

172 lb Inch Replica.

5 Blobs: York: 30,35,40,45,50

Dexterity Balls.

JackHammer (very cool device).

Rolling Thunder.

Sultans Squueze.

Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block.

Titans Telegraph Key II.

Sledge Hammers: 6 lb, 8, 10, 12. * One signed from Slim at AOBS.

Slim Poster (#8).

Slim DVD.

DVD: Fury.

Lots of Steel .... mainly IM. Bent & Unbent .. lol On the Blue . lol

Leaving out some stuff, but will do an inventory check tonight.

** In Route **

1" V Bar from FBBC.

2 Limited Edition Baraban Grippers from FBBC.

Edited by Titan
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Will take an inventory and pics tonight ... At last count 80+ Grippers.. My Collection mainly consisiting of:

All IM Grippers (2 of each, 3 and 4 of: IM 2 & 3's).

I bet you have been away so long you didn't even know they had 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 IM grippers for around a year now!

Fess up :cool

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LOL ..... are you ready for this : They will be here on Friday ..... No kidding Tracking Number: 1Z9892570350370827

The 2.5 has gotta be a HUGE seller ?

Edited by Titan
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- COC's: #1,#2,#3 & #4

- vicegripper

- blob 45 (replica)

- homemade 54mm 2HP device

- homemade 36mm 2HP device

- homemade thumb cable

- telegraph key

- inch dumbbell (replica)

- 54mm 1HP block

- hub device

- homemade thickbar dumbbell: 1.5", 2", 3"

- One hand lift handle

- lots and lots of steel for bending

- 3kg hammer & 5kg hammer

- homemade 1 finger lift

- 1" vbar

- rock with a eye to increase it's weight when pinching

- several chains for vertical chain lifts

in order (on it's way):

- COC #2.5 & #3.5

- IM expand your hand bands

and of course a std ol. barbell, 2 dumbbells and a collection of plates.

Still have several things in mind to purchase, but since I just started actual griptraining recently (been bending mostly before that), I think I've build a nice collection already in a relatively short time ;)

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Left Out The Formulator .. Love that device !! Also have all 4 GripMaster level Grippers for individual finger training. I love this for pinky training. Also have one of the handles that you load weights on end, and you then place your forearm on a bench (or on your thigh) and twist the handle from side to side with weights just on one end of the bar. I forget what its called. I think IM sells it. Its gotta help ones wrist strength for bending I would think ??

Edited by Titan
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y'all own me... just got into the grip game a month ago..

so far i have:

CoC #1 and 2 (pckin up the trainer soon)

PowerWeb (elitefts)

wrist roller

~200 lbs worth of plates

broom stick (w/weight on end), my cheap sledge......

on my wish list:

pinch tools


sledge (assorted weights)


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Being young with no renewable income and having an annoying amount of buyer's remorse (when I do have it), I don't have a ton of stuff, but I still have trouble organizing it :cool ...




-Two #2's (one's like a 1.7, the other's about regular)




-HG300 (2.4-2.5)

-Two Wal-Mart Grippers

T-#2 are filed; #3.5 is for negatives.

-Expand Bands

-3 Small Dexterity balls

-2 20 lb. blockweights

lol. I'd buy more grippers from places that aren't ironmind, but as I said I'm young and don't have my own credit card etc. so I don't like messing with other sites that require more emailing and stuff. But soon, I will.

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I have not done this in a while:

Vice Gripper



IM3 x2


IMTUGs 5&6



BBE (adjustable mount for MM1&MM2)

BBSE (adjustable mount for MM3&MM4)


Set of HGs, mostly filed or ruined :)

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How are you getting on with the TUGs Matt?

Don't know if I ever posted in this thread before and too lazy to look, but have recently acquired a fair bit more stuff, largely due to having 'more brass than sense' as my dad would have said.

Plastic sports shop grippers

IM T-4 including tweeners



RB240N & 260N

7lb & 14lb sledge


Titan's telegraph key

Homemade 1" & 2.5" wrist rollers

IM hub

Rolling thunder

2" axle with 3" revolving sleeve

1" and 2" loading pins

FBBC 1" vbar

FHS 9' 1.5" climbing rope

Steel blockweight, only ~10kg

Baseball with a bent nail through it

A few bits of wood and weight plates for pinching.

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CoC T, #1, #2, #3, #4 (hahahahahaha)

IMTUGS #3, #4, #5



Clamp thing for pinch and gripper warmup

2" one-hand deadlift handle

3" 2 x dumbell and 1 x barbell handle "sheathes"

2 1/2" handled barbell made from an old bar and a bit of builders' prop

Expand-your-hand bands

2" stainless dexterity balls

2 x Powerballs

7lb, 12lb and 16lb Sledgehampers (for those days when you're really hungry)

two ship's anchor chain shackles (rated to 25 tonnes!) for thick handled kettlebell-type stuff and farmers

eagle loops and also those claw things they do

Not much pinch stuff there looking at it, mmmm


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