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What's In Your Collection De Grip?


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What've you guys got for grip stuff? I imagine some people on here have quite a few toys other than just grippers.

With my budget, living like a rockstar on a garbage man's salary I own:

T, 1, 2, 3, Elite, HG300

ISG Devil's Advocate

30lb rubber block weight

IM Hub

6lb sledge

My next buys:


Rolling Thunder


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trainer, #1, #2, 3 #3's, 2 #4's, SM, GM, 2 elites, SE, GE, hg250, cheap no name brand 195lb. gripper.

2 30lb. hex's, 45lb. york.... soon to have a 35 and 50lb. york.

holle-it-up db handle, rolling thunder, inch replica is on the way from sorinex.

8 and 16lb. sledges... powerball if that counts as a grip toy even though mine is out of commission at the moment but i'm getting a new one soon.

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Silver Crush T,1,2,3

Reverse Wound #1 Stainless Handles

Stainless #2

Silver Spring BBE

Silver Spring #3


T,1,2,RB240N,3,3,3,3,3,GM,BBE,BBE,BBE,MM3,RB300,BBSE,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,WC, Lemelys, ISG, *RB330N, RB365N* should be here any day now, Phantom 4 replica, custom 4 coil .295 stainless

32.5lb York, 50lb York, 50lb Hex, 52.5lb hex *coming soon*, 57.5lb Hex

20lb anvil, 50lb anvil, 50-60lb anvil, never weighed it, 100lb anvil

Inch DB, bought from Joe Kinney

2.5" homemade handle

RT Handle

6" diameter piston liner from a Detriot, 18lbs

1 piece of a forklift fork, 165lbs

Go Really Grip Machine


Single and Double Blade Ax

6, 8, 12, 16, 20 lb sledge

IM Straps

Warren Tetting Strap

2" Bar, 77lbs empty I think

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- 50 grippers (incl 4 #3s, 3 #4s and 2 HG500s) + ISG + Tugs #4 - #7 + Gripper Helpers

- PDA Choker

- 2 RTs

- Clays Rolling Handle

- LGC vbar

- Blob50

- York 45 blob

- PDA Blobette

- A.A replica

- holle it up inch replica

- Little big horn

- euro 2-hand pinch apparatus


- 3 selfmade PGBs

- IM Expand your hand bands

- Claw curls

- Outer Limit Loops

- IM Straps

- 60mm loadable db

- 1000s of bars, bolts and nails to bend :whacked


- sledges

- loadable sledge

I'm pretty sure I forgot half of my equipment.

So, now you can call a doctor. :help

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Heath and Franky, your collections are just awesome :rock





BBGM: chromed steel handles, 3.25" spread, 1/8" mounting







BBPro 1/4 mounting, approx 2 5/8" spread..shade wider



2.5" and 4.5" HM pinch blocks


FBBC 2 hand pinch block



FBBC double barrel blaster (scale weight trainer)

FBBC hub

IM standard loading pin

8,12,16, 18 lb sledges

Clay Edgin model vbar :cool

hm 2hp setup: 1.75"OD pipe, 2 black, standard brand 45's

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Grippers: T, 1, BBSA, BBM, 2, 2, BBSM, BBGM

4 pony clamps

2" and 2.5" dumbells (Climber511 brand!)

FBBC 2" solid barbell

FBBC 2" wrist roller

FBBC v-bar

FBBC 2 Hand Economy Pinch Block

2.5" PVC sleeved thickbar

Hex Blocks: 20lb, 25lb 30lb

35lb York Blob

12lb shot

IM Expand Your Hand Bands

IM Pads

Bending Stock

Bolt Cutters


About 70 easy decks of cards

4 2" Dexterity Balls

2 2" Ball Bearings

IM Level II Dex Balls

2 4lb shots

6lb sledge

8lb sledge

olympic dumbell for levering

Both Big Steve DVDs

DVD on Dexterity Balls

Strongman Super Series DVD



A formulator and a grip machine are the only things left that I want but have yet to buy. It all started with the innocent purchase of a T, #1, and MOHS.

Edit - Oh, and I'd like some scale weights.

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- #2, 3, 3, Elite, PDA gripper

- Euro V-bar, homemade v-bar

- 2.5" Crusher

- 10 and 12 pound sledges

- homemade thumb training machine

- two hamemade wooden pinch blocks

All the rest is bending stock.

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Expand your hand bands

12lb axe

2-12 shots

homemade wrist-roller

Currently saving for:

RB-260N,300N,330N(black on black)<- My dream grippers


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I am only starting out:

CoC Trainer, #1, #2

BB Advanced

HG 100, 150, 200, 250, 250, 300

TDS Grip Machine

Homemade 2" Wrist Roller

2 Homemade Wrist Levers

Expand-Your-Hand Bands

Uncut 40 pound Roundhead

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A couple 2" and 3" thickbars.

Roughly 15 grippers, most in the "#3 range" or harder, and of course the Trainer, #1, #2.

Most of the York ends from 27.5lbs up to 50lbs, minus 42.5lb and 45lb.

A ton of crazy FBBC stock that I won't be bending before 2010, like 5"x5/16" and other assorted bolts.

One Beef Builder Grip Machine.

A box of chalk.

One 8lb sledge.

One length of 2" climbing rope (for climbing of course)

Roughly 500lbs of weights.

A home made V-bar.

Home made dexterity balls (tennis balls filled with pennies)

....and a lot of other stuff that isn't mine.

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IM Trainer IM #1 IM #2 IM #3 IM #4

RB 180 RB 210 RB 240

IM Close the gap straps

IM Hub

IM pinch grip block

6 cm pinch woodblock

8 cm pinch woodblock

IM loading pin

Rolling thunder

Little big horn


Grip machine


Homemade 2 inch bar

Homemade wrist roller



Homemade leverage bar

25 mm diameter revolving handle

My next buys:

Ivanko super gripper



Edited by Niels
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Oh gosh.











HG 150,200,250,300,400,500


Silver Elite

Ivanko SG

2 chokers, 1 homemade 1 PDA

8,12,16,20 sledge

Lots of bending stock, cards, horseshoes, pads

25,30,35,40,45,50 blob

35, 42.5, 45 hex

Euro Pinch, Euro one hand lift

Homemade wristroller, formulator, wooden pinch blocks, weaver stick

Heavy handle, Rolling Thunder, FBBC loading pin, Detroit Barbell loadable blob

Thick bar, dumbells, weights.

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Here goes my hand strenght tools, since about 2 1/2 months ago in November, after being inspired by all you guys on the gripboard.


T - #3

Devil's Advocate w/ all the extras (on its way!!!)


Formulator (made yesterday)

2'' and 2.5'' dumbbells

2.5'' Lever handle

Pinch blocks (2x and 4x) & Loading pin

My variation of the hub

2.5" wrist roller

Random "Live Strong" bands for finger extensions

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#1 X 2


#3 X 3

#4 X 3


Extended handle Pro

Extended handle Worldclass


100 ~ 365

extended handle gripper 300 ~ 365

Go really grip machine

Secret weapon

BB squeezer

BB the Bar

PDA inch replica handle

RB 60mm thick handled dumbell

RB 51mm wrist roller

RB pinch block


Indian clubs 8kgs

blobs 25lbs ~ 50lbs

IM Hub

IM eagle loop

IM expand your hand bands

IM bag of nails

sledge hammers

barbell bar X 3

Bigboy dumbell X 2

about 900lbs of weight plates

Power rack

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damn guys!!!

coc#1,2, and 3 bbsm

52lb ghetto rigged hex blob(just lifted it!)

20 g5 bolts 15, 5'' 1/4' hrs, 5 timber spikes 12''by 3/8


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Its not much but its a start.








Dexterity balls

HM- wrist reinforcer


HM- 2.5" Wrist roller


350# free weight=need much more

Rack w/pulley,preacher,Adjustable bench

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Crap...I remember a thread similar to this a year or two ago and my list consisted mainly of grippers. Maybe my wife has a point that I spend a little too much on this stuff but here goes:

Millenium Dumbbell purchased from Joel Sward

Inch Dumbbell from Sorinex

50 blob

ivanko supergripper

2.5" FBBC db

rolling thunder handle

pinch block

COC's: 2, 3, 4(X2)

BB: Super Master filed, Elite, MM3 replica, Super Elite

HG 500

RB 330N

misc block weights and plates for pinch work

bending stock: plenty of 60D's, G5's and G8's

I have a FBBC vbar coming soon so I will add that to my list now!!

Edited by showlarson
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Grip :bbb, bbsm, bbe, bbse,


hg 400 hg 500

im hub

rolling thunder

50lbs of 60 d's

Bending Stock:20 g5's

24 blues

9 yellows

8:12 by 3/8 timber spikes

ripping stock (?):6 phonebooks

6 decks of cards

wow i need some pinch stuff

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HG350 prototype (coming soon).

RB365 with black handles and chrome spring.

COC #3 and #4.


ISG with 4 springs. Palm handle taped with hockey tape.

2" and 3" Pony Clamps.

12 pound sledge hammer, handle wrapped in hockey tape, marked in 1" increments.

5-10's taped together with packing tape.

Chalk block.

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The good stuff:

2" thick barbell, 3" knurled dumbbell, Zachulator, and a few sledges and grippers. Oh, and some kettlebells. They have a grippy factor.

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Grippers: T, 1, 2, 3, 4 and SM.


Pinch Block


Wrist Roller

Heavy Hammer II

Twist Yo Wrist

Outer Limit Loops

Claw Curl

Loading Pin


Advanced Benders Bag

2.5" Crusher

V-Bar from Climber511

2-Hand Pinch App. from madss

Hex: 37.5, 47.5 & 50

Blob: 32.5, 47.5 & BLOB50

Powerball X 2

8lb. Sledge

2" & 3" Pony Clamps

Tennis Balls- 2 Filled With Pennies

Numerous Bottles Filled With Cement

Decks Of Cards

Rubber Bands

More Bending Supplies

Olympic Bar

325lb. Olympic Plates

175lb. Standard Plates

2- SCBA Air Tanks From Fire Dept.

Both Big Steve DVDs

Slim DVD

336lbs Of Fury DVD

Crazy But Powerful DVD

Gripboard Shirts

FBBC Shirts

FHS Shirt

And A Few Books

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IM T, HG150, HG200, Lemely, HG250, IM#2, SM, SM+, GM, 2 IM#3, BLOB50, 55lb Hex, 60lb Hex, RT Handle, The Pincher, IM Bands, 2 Pony Clamps, Bunch of Nails and Bolts, 8lb Sledge Hammer, The Formulator, and 6 10lbs for pinching.

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