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Is this grip feat possible?

Guest Avi

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Yesterday I let a guy I know try the #1 and the #2. He used to compete in some junior world powerlifting comp when he was younger, so is no stranger to strength. Anyway, he closed the #1, but not the #2.

He then mentioned that he knew this guy who he was SURE could close the #3. I asked why, and he described the following grip feat:

Pinch grip a single 45lb plate, and then raise your arm such that it's right out in front of your chest, with the plate still held properly. The plate doesn't droop, and neither does your wrist.

This isn't easy for me with 10lbs.

Now, I was wondering whether all those freaks (meant as a compliment) here who can pinch grip 2x45 and plate curl a 45lber could try this feat and tell me if they think it's doable.

I don't think this would translate to closing the #3 (pinch vs crush), but it would certainly be impressive!!


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I believe that such a feat is possible. However, performing the feat does not indicate crushing ability.

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I'm not sure what you mean when you describe the lift. Is the plate hanging down vertically from a bent wrist or is the plate held out horizontal? If horizontal, is it thumb up or thumb down? Horizontal, thumb down = impossible. Horizontal, thumb up = maybe.

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